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Stay on top of your energy needs

Stay on top of your energy needs

With Bosch as your energy partner, your buildings deliver comfort with maximum energy efficiency

Let go of your energy problems

From system breakdown to workplace comfort, managers of office buildings face a range of problems. With the rapidly changing world of work, its difficult to invest time in new energy initiatives for your buildings. That's where Bosch comes in. Specially designed for the modern office building, our unique and connected energy solutions reduce energy costs significantly while maintaining maximum occupant comfort. With our turnkey project implementation approach, we serve as your true energy partner - while you focus on enhancing occupant experience, driving wellness and sustainability.

target groups in office building sector

Having worked extensively with integrated facility management service providers, full-time facility managers, commercial real estate operators and corporate real estate heads, we possess an in-depth understanding of your priorities and bottlenecks. That's why our solutions and services are specially designed to give you peace of mind, while you and your stakeholders enjoy the benefits of a connected and energy efficient facility. Our solutions are ideal for:

  • IT and ITes offices
  • Consulting offices
  • Banking and NBFC offices and
  • Corporate offices

Unique benefits for your office buildings

Save 30% energy consumption in HVAC systems

Invented for life taxes-and-duties

Reduce operating costs with energy reduction and affordable power

Improve occupant comfort and sustainable image

Optimize maintenance efforts

Rely on our high impact solutions for office buildings

chiller plant

Realize upto 30% savings in HVAC system

HVAC Efficiency Improvement Solution

HVAC systems are responsible for 40-60% of buildings' energy consumption. The Bosch HVAC Efficiency Improvement Solution realizes energy efficiency with improved occupant comfort. The solution ensures synchronous operations of your building's chiller system. It also uses intelligent sensors and control points to create a truly connected cooling infrastructure for your building. Our intelligent machine-learning based algorithm further ensures that your chillers operate at maximum efficiency irrespective of the demand conditions.The algorithm also modulates chiller loading based on real-time demand and ambient conditions and ensures equivalent distribution of cold air in the conditioned zones.

chiller plant
Your benefits

  • Up to 30% energy savings
  • Maximum occupant comfort
  • Easy integration with any make & communication protocol
  • Quick response to changes in demand
  • Predictive maintenance, fault detection & advanced analyics

rooftop solar plant

Generate power with your roof

Rooftop Solar Solution

Reliable power supply is critical for the smooth operation of your building. For long, you have depended on costly grid and generator-based power that add to your rising operating costs. Bosch specializes in design and installation of customized rooftop solar plants that reduce your reliance on costly power sources. Our expert team understands the needs of your building and designs solar plants to suit your roof plan and power consumption pattern, without compromising the integrity and quality of your existing infrastructure. Put your unused roof area to use today and raise the sustainability quotient of your building.

rooftop solar plant
Your benefits

  • Reduced power costs by Rs. 2 to 2.5 per unit
  • Accelerated depreciation of renewable energy asset
  • Net metering facility to offset surplus generation
  • Land area conserved for future expansion

car-parking solar power plant

Generate power with car-parking

Car-parking Solar Solution

Insufficient roof or land space need not hinder your ambitions to go solar. As a leading solution provider of car-parking solar power plants, we specialize in robust, functional and aethethically appealing car-parking installations. Special focus is laid on the design to ensure long-life and safety of these solar plants for maximum value. These solar plants also welcome your employees that are returning home to cool and clean cars.

car-parking solar power plant
Your benefits

  • Reduced power costs by Rs. 2 to 2.5 per unit
  • Accelerated depreciation of renewable energy asset
  • Net metering facility to offset surplus generation
  • Cooler vehicles for employees returning home

solar power plant in green field

Generate power over open-access

Ground-mounted solar solutions

Ground-based solar power plants implemented on open-access mode is a great approach if you are looking to significantly reduce your buildings' power costs, while conserving your commercial real estate. In the open-access approach, we set up solar plants on land identified by you in the same state but away from your office facility. Bosch also specializes in implementing the required infrastructure for injecting the solar power into the grid at the generation point and consuming at your consumption point, with smart metering.

solar power plant in green field
Your benefits

  • Reduced power costs by Rs. 2 to 2.5 per unit
  • Accelerated depreciation for renewable energy asset
  • Higher independence from grid power with large solar plants
  • Lowest levelized cost of power

Buildings are typically designed, built, and operated with piecemeal consideration of various building systems during and after the construction phase. Our innovative energy solutions have been developed based on a detailed understanding of this situation and also customized to suit specific regional and sectoral needs.

Nilesh Sawant, Energy Efficiency Vertical Head

End-to-end implementation approach

Your office building’s needs are at the core of our energy solutions. Only solutions best suited to your buildings are implemented, while maintaining complete transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

Invented for life connect-and-consolidate'

Conduct energy assessment

Our in-house energy auditors conduct detailed assessments of your building to identify potential conservation measures

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Design customized solution

Expert design engineers analyze the energy data and design solution customized to your facility's needs and constraints

Invented for life purchasing-and-procurement

Plan and procure components

Expert engineers develop a detailed project plan and order suitable components in line with our quality standards

Invented for life track-efficiency

Manage project implementation

Project managers implement the solution with minimal interruptions and share detailed and timely project updates

Invented for life optimize-equipment

Commission and optimize performance

Solution is commissioned only after thorough pre-commissioning checks and your approval

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Demonstrate tangible savings

Engineers demonstrate the committed savings through a transparent measurement and verification procedure

Our partnerships with office buildings

ground based solar plant for bagmane

Bagmane Tech Park, Karnataka

28 MW ground-based solar power plant

artistic rendition of brigade tech gardens

Brigade Tech Gardens, Karnataka

550 kW rooftop solar power plant

car parking solar LPS Bossard

LPS Bossard, Haryana

180 kW car-parking solar power plant

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