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Bosch Energy and Building Solutions India

Turn to the future of energy generation with Bosch

Partner with Bosch Energy and Building Solutions for solar power plants optimized for available land and maximum commercial value.

Man checking high voltage power line

Project delays, cost escalation and poor quality of installations are complications that you regularly encounter.

Turnkey services from Bosch eliminate these worries through the Bosch project management process.

Combined with our quality and safety principles, this systematic and integrated approach, enables Bosch to execute utility scale solar power plants as per planned schedule and budget. Moreover, our expert design team customizes the solar plants to suit local site conditions to ensure long-life.

Partner with Bosch to experience a hassle-free and transparent project execution.

Choose Bosch as your partner

Let our experts take over and deliver solar projects in line with your expectations

Speedy completion

Our disciplined project managers diligently follow established project management processes to ensure a transparent on-time completion, irrespective of site complexities.

Stringent quality

Our quality management process integrates stagewise reviews and project monitoring to ensure quality execution and completion as per planned schedule.

Faster returns

With maximized generation and lower maintenance costs, you benefit from a faster return of investment.

Solar PV projects for power utilities

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Energy Efficiency

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