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Bosch Energy and Building Solutions India

Secure the growing energy needs of your manufacturing facility

Invest in a sustainable future for your industry with our reliable and innovative energy solutions.

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You have faced increasing tariffs, reduced efficiencies and increasing fuel costs. Bosch offers you solutions to address your ever growing energy needs and make your industry efficient and smarter.

Bosch enables you to be future-ready in a sustainable manner with customized energy solutions. By having a better control on your energy infrastructure, you can make better investment decisions for your future expansion.

Read on to understand the energy solutions Bosch can customize for your industry.

Solutions for your manufacturing facility

Rooftop solar

Our customized rooftop solutions are specially designed to ensure optimum power generation without compromising on the structural integrity of your roof. These rooftop solar plants are sized specialy to suit your energy consumption pattern and any surplus energy thereafter can be exported to the grid.

Rooftop Solar

Ground mounted solar

Ground Mounted Solar

You can take your facility closer to zero dependence on grid power using the unused land in your campus for solar power generation. Opting for a ground mounted solar plant is ideal especially when your building roofs are not oriented towards the south. Our expert team designs ground mounted solar plants such that your precious land is optimally used without resulting in generation losses.

Car-parking solar

Did you know even your car-parking area can help in reducing your energy costs? Invest in the car-parking Solar PV solution from Bosch to generate more energy, especially if your facility is constrained for space. Delight your employees and visitors as they are greeted with cooler cars to drive back home. Our carport structures are custom designed to stand the test of time while making your facility aesthetically pleasing!

Carport Solar

Special Solar PV installations

Special Installations

Don't lose out on the opportunity to generate clean power inside your campus because of complex terrains or obstacles. With our expertise in design and engineering, we implement Solar PV plants customized to the available infrastructure in your premises. These plants can be implemented over canals, rain water harvesting areas, on water bodies and even on rocky terrains. Take advantage of Bosch's engineering strength to realize a innovative solar installation in your facility!

Integrated Heating and Cooling

You keep expending large amounts of electricity and fuel for heating and cooling applications at your facility. With customized solutions from Bosch for your facility, you can now reduce your electricity usage for such applications and thereby reduce emissions. The Integrated Heating and Cooling Solution focuses on aligning the overall heating and cooling requirements of your facility and creating synergies between the utilities and your processes. Want to know how Bosch does it? You can learn how this solution helped a leading automotive manufacturing unit in India save more than 50% energy.

Integrated Heating and Cooling

HVAC Efficiency Improvement

HVAC Efficiency Improvement

High amounts of maintenance and heavy manual intervention are issues are persistent issues in an ineffective HVAC system. Bosch identifies key parameters which impact consumption by understanding historical consumption trends, utilization levels and loading, and makes suitable improvements in your HVAC systems. With our design and engineering expertise, Bosch implements HVAC efficiency projects which give savings from day one and ensures that your investment pays you back within 3 years.

Steam Distribution Optimization

Most manufacturing facilities struggle with maintaining the efficiency levels of the steam generation and distribution systems. With our Steam Distribution Optimization solution, we can ensure uniform heating, avoidance of live steam leakages and lower maintenance costs. Our solution concept even identifies processes where steam can be substituted with pressurized hot water to meet the temperature requirement, resulting in elimination of steam and condensate losses in the system.

Steam Distribution Optimization

Waste Heat Recovery Solution

Waste Heat Recovery Solution

Inefficient processes result in a large amount of wasted heat. With expert design and engineering from Bosch, we can help you recover waste heat from your processes and increase the efficiency. By utilizing recovered waste heat, you can cut down on your fuel consumption and realize substantial cost savings.

Hear from our customers

"Bosch Energy and Building Solutions has not just met but exceeded the committed energy efficiency standards initially agreed with us for the solution. For this, we deeply appreciate the hard work and commitment put in by the entire Bosch Energy team throughout the project which made this possible."
Mr. Jeyasinghraj I, Vice President Powertrain, Renault-Nissan India Pvt. Ltd.
"Besides improving the overall efficiency of the unit by about 20%, the technological measures implemented by Bosch has further enhanced our product quality, production and visibly reduced the scale loss from the furnace."
Mr. Vimal Jain, Director, Shivagrico Implements Ltd.

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