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Bosch Energy and Building Solutions India

Place sustainability at the core of your infrastructure

Partner with Bosch to switch to energy efficient systems for your facility

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For critical infrastructure such as yours, it is important that your passengers have a satisfying and hassle-free experience. You can achieve this by reducing your dependence on unstable grids with our Solar PV solutions.

In addition, you can realize cost savings from our customized Energy Efficiency solutions and invest in the modernization of your infrastructure.

Bosch brings to you these innovative solutions with the same quality and reliability that we have been known for over the last 135 years.

Solutions for your facility

Rooftop solar

Rooftop solar

Using your unutilized roof area can be the first step towards having an energy secure transportation facility. You can enable your facility for captive power generation with the help of our rooftop Solar PV solutions that are custom designed for any type of building roofs. We ensure that your roofspace is not compromised by developing a detailed design and employing innovative mounting methods.

Ground mounted solar

Put unutilized land in your facility to use by powering your facility with the help of our ground-mounted Solar PV solutions. The expert team at Bosch designs and implements these solutions with stringent safety norms and highest quality standards. A suitably sized ground-mounted solar plant can bring your facility very close to grid independence.

Ground mounted solar

Car-parking solar

Utilize Space

Invest in a car-parking solar plant to capture more energy and delight passengers or employees as they are greeted with cooler cars to drive back home. Robust structures designed by Bosch are guaranteed to stand the test of time while making your buildings aesthetically pleasing.

HVAC Efficiency Improvement

A comfortable experience for your customers is a critical concern for your business. Bosch identifies and realizes improvements to your HVAC system for a better controlled, automated and data driven operation. The Bosch HVAC Efficiency Improvement Solution focuses on improving efficiency on the chiller side, the distribution side and even in the consumption area. With our innovative solution, you can optimize on the time and efforts of your maintenance team, with the help of real-time alerts and analytics.

HVAC Efficiency Improvement

Hear from our customers

"Bosch completed the project meticulously and we are happy to have the company execute this project on time and as per standards."
Mr. VJ Kurian, Managing Director Cochin International Airport Limited
“The team at Bosch India comes with wide ranging experience and drawing on their strong engineering and design capabilities Bosch was able to deliver this project on time.”
Mr. Hari Marar, President Operations Bengaluru International Airport Limited

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Energy Efficiency

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