Bosch Energy and Building Solutions India

Complete energy efficiency

Record-breaking solar power plant

Bosch location in Nashik

The Bosch plant in Nashik, India, now has 50,000 solar panels in place on roofs, parking lots, and the grounds which cover around 20 percent of the plant’s annual energy requirements. The facility has reduced its carbon emissions by some 23,000 tons and saved around 25,000 megawatt hours of energy since 2015.

400 Bosch locations

worldwide will no longer leave a carbon footprint from 2020 onwards.

Bosch employees waving in front of solar panels

The new power plant is part of a comprehensive approach to sustainable energy management that is based on three pillars:

First, Bosch Nashik is systematically increasing energy efficiency throughout the value chain.

Second, thanks to precise consumption analyses and forecasts, energy costs can be continuously reduced.

Third, the Bosch location promotes projects that drive the expansion of renewable sources of energy forward.