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International Energy Services Conclave

If you are looking for a reliable energy services provider, come meet the Bosch experts at the International Energy Services Conclave

06 - 2019-03-08
New Delhi

Rapidly rising energy consumption in commercial and industrial facilities is a growing concern, as it has a direct impact on several organization's profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace. Peaking environmental consciousness is also driving customers to re-evaluate their existing engagement with suppliers. The marketplace of the future will be dominated by smart, sustainable, and cost competitive organizations only. Is your organization there yet?

Bosch Energy and Building Solutions offers you integrated energy solutions for your facility: from reliable solutions for clean power generation to innovative solutions for reducing energy consumption. These energy solutions are custom designed to your facility to ensure real, measurable and substantial benefits. By partnering with Bosch, your facility can be well on its way to an energy efficient and sustainable future. Come meet our energy experts at the International Energy Services Conclave 2019.

About the Conclave

Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) are jointly organising the “International Energy Services Conclave 2019 – Energy Efficiency for Business Competitiveness”. Bosch Energy and Building Solutions will be sharing best practices at the conference sessions and also presenting innovative energy solutions at the exhibition area of the Conclave.

The 3-day content-rich programme is designed along a framework of “creating business competitiveness for consumers, enabling customer-centric energy efficient delivery mechanisms and creating a reliable & viable technological infrastructure with a credible database”.

It examines the best practices and successes of today, within the context of emerging trends and technologies of tomorrow, to scale up and leverage the energy and non-energy benefits of EE well into the future years.

International Energy Services Conclave 2019

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Find out more about our portfolio of integrated and connected energy solutions for your commercial or industrial facility. Register to attend the conference sessions and visit the exhibition, and use this opportunity for engaging discussions with our energy experts.

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