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Cost savings through improved efficiency

Our customized solutions realize cost savings by enhancing efficiency of your processes and reducing your energy usage

The first step to securing the energy future of your facility is by making your systems and utilities efficient and reducing the current energy consumption. With the help of our customized Energy Efficiency solutions, you can realize cost savings with attractive payback periods. Our experts specialize in identifying and implementing the right measures in the energy utilities being utilized at your facility.

Customer-centric process

Our expert team places your facility's needs at the core of the solutions it develops. The implementation process helps in developing a strong understanding of your processes and implementing a suitable Energy Efficiency solution. As a result, you can benefit from energy cost reduction and attractive payback periods

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Conduct energy assessment

Our in-house energy managers conduct a detailed assessment of your facility, in line with the principles of an energy audit, to identify potential conservation measures

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Design customized solution

Expert design engineers study the energy data and design a customized solution with your existing system as a backup

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Plan and procure components

Our experienced project management team develops a detailed project plan and orders suitable components that meet our quality standards

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Manage project implementation

The project management team carries out implementation activities without interrupting your regular operations

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Commission and optimize performance

Our expert team commissions the system and tweaks the performance so that you can realize cost savings immediately

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Demonstrate real savings

Before handover, our project management team demonstrates the committed savings with the help of a measurement and verification procedure

Grade 1 ESCO

Bosch Energy and Building Solutions is accredited as a Grade 1 Energy Service Company (ESCO) by the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency (under the Ministry of Power) based on our technical competence and strength

Innovative Energy Efficiency Solutions

Our innovative Energy Efficiency Solutions have been developed indigenously by our competent design engineers. Each solution has been carefully designed around a concept that can be customized for different industries and applications. Learn more about which solution best suits your facility needs.

Integrated Heating and Cooling Solution

Integrated Heating and Cooling Solution

This customized solution can be implemented in processes where the temperature required is up to 80 °C for heating and up to 5 °C for cooling. The solution replaces the existing methods of heating to one which is much more energy efficient, an integrated heat pump based system. This system is custom designed considering your process requirements and therefore catering to the base as well as peak heating demand. In addition, the system also delivers savings on the cooling side if there is chilled water requirement nearby. As a result, you can experience dual benefits of savings on heating and cooling, at a lower cost compared to your existing system.

HVAC Efficiency Improvement Solution

HVAC Efficiency Improvement Solution

HVAC systems are the highest energy consumers in any building. Our HVAC Efficiency Improvement Solution helps in individually optimizing the generation, distribution and consumption sides of the cooling system, so that it always operates at an optimum level. As a result, the specific energy consumption of the chiller system (comprising of chillers, AHUs, circulation pumps) is reduced and results in savings to the tune of around 15%. This improvement is brought about by using advanced controls in chillers & AHUs, a customized control logic and fine-tuning of the entire HVAC system. This solution not only delivers energy savings, but also contributes to the overall comfort of the users.

Future-proof scalability

Steam Distribution Optimization

This solution can be implemented where steam generated from boilers is utilized for multiple processes and at varying temperatures. The solution looks at optimizing the distribution system for heat/steam, thus delivering fuel savings (upto 15%) by reducing the amount of fuel utilized in the boilers. Relatively low temperature requirements are met by alternate and more efficient heating methods. As a result, a lower amount of steam is required in the processes, resulting in lower fuel usage. The solution also has the dual benefit of reduction in water utilized by the boilers (upto 30%), which is an important aspect contributing to conservation of natural resources.

Waste Heat Recovery Solution

Waste Heat Recovery Solution

This solution focuses on recovering the exhaust gas heat from high temperature processes and utilizing it to in order to cut down the operation of the existing heating sources. This helps in cutting down fuel consumption and realizing energy savings. The system is designed to ensure minimal intrusion into the existing processes and deliver maximum savings (upto 25% fuel savings). In the case of typical furnace operations in the steel sector, the solution can also result in a reduction in the scale-loss (upto 2%), thereby resulting in increased production output with the same parameters and a lower release of particulate matter. With lower pollution, you can create a better working environment for your associates and contribute to the overall well-being of the environment.

Real-world results

Here are some of our customers who trust in our expertise in lowering energy consumption and optimizing efficiency

Renault-Nissan, Chennai, India

Renault-Nissan India partnered with Bosch Energy and Building Solutions to realize close to 57% cost savings from the application of our Integrated Heating and Cooling Solution. The solution has provided the customer the ability to use a more efficient heat source like heat pump, while keeping the old electrical heating system as a backup

Renault-NIssan India
Renault Nissan

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Energy Efficiency

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