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Thomas Suremann

Thomas Suremann has been working passionately in sales at the Swiss branch of Bosch Energy Building Solutions for two years. He is tasked with advising companies in the Zurich area and eastern Switzerland on state-of-the-art security solutions for mastering future challenges.

Thomas Suremann

Mr. Suremann, what energizes you day after day?

In my job, every day is fascinating! Naturally it’s a challenge to constantly confront new and different customer needs and come up with the right solutions. But my experience and technical know-how come in handy, along with a big dash of creativity. This mixture is what makes my work so exciting and keeps me motivated, day after day.

How do you make your customers happy?

I do my job with a great deal of passion, naturally while also striving to live up to the Bosch credo. It’s about delivering top quality, cooperating in a spirit of partnership, taking responsibility, and implementing convincing solutions. That’s what our characterizes our capable team in Switzerland. And customers really appreciate our commitment!

"The huge amount of information opens up new possibilities."

What benefits do you see as a result of increased networking?

Huge amounts of information are available. We leverage it to optimize existing systems and of course also to develop new solutions. It’s important for us to seize these opportunities together, because they open up new possibilities.

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