Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Singapore

Strong Double in the Asia-Pacific Region

Integrated solutions for Singapore and India

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Limited resources, climate change, urbanization, demographics, digitalization, rising expectations for quality of life – these overarching developments are fueling major changes in infrastructure and commercial buildings. In the Asia-Pacific region, demand is growing for solutions from a single source.

Two teams from Bosch Energy and Building Solutions are serving the region with a clear vision: They strive to be the first choice for technologies and services that make buildings safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.

Cities in Asia are undergoing rapid growth. According to studies, the share of the urban population will reach 53 percent by 2030 on the continent. Attracted by the prospects of good jobs and comfortable middle-class lifestyles, large numbers of rural inhabitants are moving to the metropolises. The Indian mega-city of Mumbai and the Chinese city of Suzhou in the Shanghai metropolitan area are just two examples. As more people move into large cities, it poses big challenges to infrastructure. These include higher demands for energy efficiency and a higher level of awareness for building security.

“We’re seeing a strong increase in the need for solutions from a single source that make buildings safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. Demand is growing faster in this part of the world than anywhere else,” says Kang Chee Kian, who became Asia-Pacific Business Unit Vice President for Bosch Energy and Building Solutions in March of 2018.

This new business unit currently consists of two operation units in different markets. The Singapore operation focuses on solutions for the Security & Life Safety sector, whereas the one in India works on customized solutions to improve energy efficiency.