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Working together for green buildings

At Bosch Energy and Building Solutions, we strive to have a positive impact - on the users of our connected and integrated solutions, and on the world we live in. Starting with our own processes and cooperation with our suppliers and customers - along our entire value chain and over the complete life cycle of buildings.

We support our customers on their way to green buildings and climate neutrality with customized security systems, smart building automation and individual energy services.

building the positive: skyline of a city with sunny weather

Together, we conserve valuable resources, permanently increase energy efficiency, sustainably reduce the CO₂ footprint, and promote people's well-being and satisfaction. You can call it sustainability. We call it: Building the positive.

Building the positive

We strive to have a positive impact – on the world we live in. Together with our customers and suppliers.


Green buildings are the future

Sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role in buildings – for owners, operators and tenants. Particularly efficient operation lowers energy consumption, reduces costs and protects the climate. In addition, smart building automation increases not only efficiency, but also comfort and safety – for sustainably satisfied users. We are a reliable partner in planning and implementing connected and integrated solutions from a single source - from intelligent building control technology and presence-dependent room automation to transparent energy data management.

News and Ideas for Green Buildings

A sustainable future for the Robert Bosch Hospital

It really is a mammoth undertaking: in order to realize a huge increase in its energy efficiency, the Robert Bosch Hospital is working together with Bosch to make its energy center and its building automation fit for the future. That said, there’s plenty of challenges – from KRITIS to remodeling in confined spaces – that the experts will need to overcome.

building the positive
Can you renew building technology while saving costs in a hospital?


With the right recipe for energy efficiency.
Uwe Rotermund

“Green buildings would be impossible without automation”

Professor Uwe Rotermund teaches property lifecycle and facility management at the Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany.
Every day he searches for ways to make the most of building automation to simplify life and increase sustainability.

building positive

Complete energy efficiency

The Bosch plant in Nashik, India, now has 50,000 solar panels in
place on roofs, parking lots, and the grounds which cover around
20 percent of the plant’s annual energy requirements. The facility
has reduced its carbon emissions by some 23,000 tons and saved
around 25,000 megawatt hours of energy since 2015.

building positive

Enhancing the energy infrastructure of Honda plants in India

In India Bosch experts have made four plants of the two-wheeler manufacturer Honda more energy efficient with photovoltaic systems. The
total area covered measures around 280,500 square meters which is equivalent to 26 football fields. The company reduced its carbon footprint by around 24,300 metric tons of CO₂ per year.

Climate neutrality is becoming a success factor for companies

Climate protection, social responsibility, rising energy prices and statutory requirements – there are more and more reasons for companies to sustainably reduce their CO2 emissions and actively promote the energy transition. When sustainable action becomes an integral part of corporate strategy, this has positive effects both ecologically and economically. Our experts accompany you on this path with comprehensive industry know-how. Our customized efficiency program helps you reduce your CO2 emissions in the long term. Together with our subsidiary Bosch Climate Solutions, we offer you all-round CO2 consulting for your path to a climate-neutral company.

News and ideas for climate neutrality


Powering a beloved brand of beer with regional, renewable energy

The Black Forest Rothaus Brewery needed to improve its efficiency and security of supply. The solution: A biomass plant - planned, implemented and operated by Bosch. Regional wood chips cover 70% of the energy demand.

building the positive
Is it possible to brew beer sustainably?


With biomass from the Black Forest.
building positive

65 Inspirational Stories

The New York City skyline is one of the most famous in the world. And it’s about to change with a new skyscraper illuminating the night sky: The Spiral, a premier office building featuring intelligent building technology, with Bosch subsidiary Climatec supplying its building management system.

building positive

Leading by Example

At the Bosch plant Bamberg hundreds of thousands of precision components, including spark plugs, sensors, high-pressure injection valves and common rail injectors, are produced daily. A great deal of energy is consumed in the process. Too much, Bosch concluded. The company therefore launched a project to modernize the cooling system and to enable a more energy-efficient production.

building positive

Watch Those Kilowatts!

Since the staff at the Bosch plant Homburg has been able to monitor the energy consumption of their machines, a strict diet has been imposed. Thanks to the Energy Platform, the factory is now saving several million euros every year.

building the positive
Is CO₂ neutrality in buildings achievable anywhere in the world?


Bosch proves it every day at its more than 400 locations*.

*Scope 1&2, 28.8% achieved with carbon offsets compared to base year (2018) emissions.

Since 2020, the Bosch Group with its more than 400 locations worldwide has been climate neutral (scopes 1 and 2). An independent auditing company has officially confirmed this. But that‘s not all: We want to shape climate action beyond our immediate sphere of influence and also systematically reduce upstream and downstream emissions (scope 3), which we aim to reduce by 15 percent by 2030.

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