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Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Global

Our team makes the difference!

Bosch stands for the best building solutions. And for people who go all out to make sure they can be implemented.

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Total customer focus, passion, commitment, and technical competence are just some of the words that be used to describe our daily work. Day in and day out, a more than 5,000-strong workforce goes all out to make sure that our customers are satisfied. They hold a wide variety of roles and positions, draw on diverse experience and backgrounds, and work in many different places. They fully and conscientiously apply their skills, state-of-the-art technologies, and a large dash of creativity to provide all of our services. Get to know some of the people who make the best solutions possible for you.

Together we achieve more

Our team strives unceasingly to develop innovative, dependable, dedicated solutions for every need. Solutions that delight you and deliver the value you want.

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11,000 seminars

and training courses in 2021 contributed to strengthening the skills of our German team alone.

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5,900 employees

work hard day after day to develop and implement your made-to-order building solutions.

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40 nationalities

promote intercultural sharing and a wide spectrum of experience applied to all our customer projects.

Performance built on partnership: our team makes the difference.

People working for you

For you, we’re happy to climb mountains or blaze trails where no one else has gone before. Our goal: to delight you, make your buildings fit for the future, give you the best possible service, and be your long-term partner in a spirit of mutual trust. Here we’d like to acquaint you with some of our people and give you an idea of how they work with our clients.

Bosch associate Bernhard Gijzen sitting cross-legged in front of the Bosch logo at the Nieuwegein location.

"We stand for topnotch technology and sustainable solutions"

Bernard Gijzen, Solutions Engineer at the Bosch subsidiary in the Netherlands, develops comprehensive and future-proof solutions – and they don't come off the shelf. The more individually they are planned and implemented, the more they bring our customers forward in the long term and provide optimal support for the digital transformation of a company.

Michel Huger and Roland Simion riding the gondola lift up to the summit

Strong together for the customer

Security expert Michel Huger and service technician Roland Simion serve their customers in Germany’s Allgäu region as a team. For one of them, the Fellhornbahn, they ride their gondola lift from the town of Oberstdorf up to the top of the mountain. Also from the bird’s-eye perspective of the summit, their valuable partnership built on trust and personal contact inspires a valuable mix of topnotch solutions.

Sabrina Ruis at work in the central heating plant of Bosch’s facility in Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

“Many of our customers place their trust in our expertise for achieving carbon neutrality”

Sabrina Ruis plans everything thoroughly and thoughtfully to make sure that genuine energy efficiency and climate protection don’t remain theory but are actually put into practice. It also involves personally going to customers, checking their energy consumption, and leveraging building information modeling (BIM) to digitalize processes. For her, it’s a dream job come true, chockful of challenges that have much in common with team sports.

Marius Kaiser standing on front of the building of the Service & Supply Chain Campus in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.

“We provide technical solutions that customers use far into the future”

In his mind, Marius Kaiser is always several steps ahead. And with overall responsibility for coordinating large, complex construction projects he makes sure that visions of the future come true. Whether he’s building completely new facilities, modernizing existing ones, or meeting exacting technological requirements, he always keeps all of the details in view and stays cool, calm, and collected, also when the pace picks up.


“I work with customers to figure out what’s important for them, now and in the future”

It’s impossible to plan complex security systems from one’s desk, which is why Björn Kockrick, head of sales responsible for the Düsseldorf/Cologne area, is often with the customer on site. His special strengths are showing them what is technically possible, understandably explaining the digital world, and spotting opportunities to add value.

Kevin Wilhelm in front of a building with his company car.

Support, security and small talk

In order to offer the best possible services, it’s essential to understand customers’ wishes. And service technician Kevin Wilhelm has perfected this art. He ensures their long-term satisfaction by applying a good mix of technological savvy and a human touch every day on the job.

Robert Rett sets a wooden pallet on fire in the Bosch fire lab in Munich.

Mr. Rett fires up for you

Fire detectors safeguard lives and property and therefore have to be 100% reliable. Robert Rett, who runs the Bosch fire lab in Munich, therefore also systematically applies himself every day on the job. He has developed his own tests for making the systems work even more dependably.