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In this online magazine, we join our clients, partners, and experts to provide interesting interviews, fascinating insights, and background information and tell inspiring customer stories.

Dr Martina Gerdes-Kühn in a lecture hall at the University of Paderborn

Intelligent buildings for smart people

The University of Paderborn in Germany is using building automation systems to ensure greater sustainability and comfort. Here campus manager Dr. Martina Gerdes-Kühn talks about the reasons for this decision and the anticipated benefits.

Digital building twin

Digital building twins

When technology keeps everything tip-top: a complete digital image of a building’s inner workings is a valuable tool for achieving more transparent and cost-effective operation of buildings.

Lisa Unkelhäußer and Philipp Günther next to the Bosch CO<sub>2</sub> neutral logo

A master plan for protecting the earth’s climate

Bosch Climate Solutions is helping companies around the globe neutralize their carbon emissions. In this interview, Lisa Reehten and Philipp Günther explain how it works.

Bosch associates Michel Huger (left) and Roland Simion on the terrace at the mountain station of the Fellhornbahn in Oberstdorf

A dynamic duo that ensures safety

Safety and security expert Michel Huger and service technician Roland Simion work in tandem to serve Bosch customers in Germany’s Allgäu region. For one of them, the Fellhorn Lift in Oberstdorf, they’re heading skyward.

Sustainability and efficiency

Building the positive

Working together for green buildings

Find out how our smart solutions and customized services are promoting sustainable buildings, climate neutrality, and environmental awareness.

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Exterior view of the Robert Bosch Hospital

Facing challenges and investing in the future

The Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart had a vision of energy-efficient, sustainable building operation. To make it come true, the facility was made fit for the future.

Exterior view of the Frankfurt Authority Building

Transformation through transparency

To support building operation and increase the efficiency of a building throughout its lifecycle, Bosch has made available an open-source library of ontologies and digital twins.

Security and comfort

Employee checks semiconductor production in the clean room

Safety first in Silicon Saxony

From fire protection in cleanrooms to digital visitor management: the Bosch “Waferfab” in Dresden ranks among the world’s most advanced and safest chip factories.

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From know how to wow podcast

Video-based fire detection

This episode of the Bosch tech podcast “From KNOW-HOW to WOW” is about fire, and more specifically how to detect and fight fires with intelligent technology.

Several colleagues work in an open working space

Healthy Buildings: put in the right light

Daylight vs. desk lamps: how does light actually affect us? Lighting expert Christoph Link explains how advanced light sensors can help us feel our best inside buildings.

Digitalization and automation

Two people in a Healthy Building

Not just smart but healthy, too

The right combination of technical building systems, architecture, and construction materials enhances people’s health and wellbeing inside buildings. Which factors play a role?

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New York skyline reflected in facade of skyscraper “The Spiral”

A more-than-smart skyline changer

The 65-story Spiral in midtown Manhattan is a prime example of modern building planning and operation. The convincing results: greener, more intelligent, and brimming with quality of life..

A woman enters a networked building in which sensors and building automation systems control the lighting, ventilation, heating and technical systems

How do buildings acquire smarts?

Smart Buildings are wonders of efficiency, black belts in terms of sustainability, and powerful magnets for attracting people. But how do you take existing buildings step by step into a digital future?

People and partnerships

Mosaic image consisting of the heads of many employees

Our team makes the difference

Get acquainted with some of more than 5,000 people who work for Bosch customers day in and day out with tremendous commitment and formidable technical skills and expertise to implement the best possible building solutions.

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Graphic of a smart building

“We awaken buildings to intelligent life”

New IoT services are a must for propelling existing commercial buildings forward into the digital age. Andreas Mauer, CTO at Bosch, has clear ideas of what is required to provide building intelligence as a service.

City backdrop with double exposed numbers

“No sustainability without automation”

Prof. Uwe Rotermund, who teaches at the Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany, has been studying building automation for 35 years. He’s convinced that it’s the key to sustainable building operation.

Information and news

Headquarters of Hörburger AG

Acquisition of Hörburger AG

The company of Hörburger AG joined the Bosch Group in February 2022, contributing 200 highly competent employees and 45 years of experience in the areas of building automation and energy management.

Bosch fiscal year 2021 and employees

Climate protection driving growth

In the 2021 fiscal year, the Bosch Group exceeded all expectations by significantly bolstering its sales volume and bottom line. Based on preliminary figures, sales climbed by 11%.

Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd.

Strengthening of international business

Bosch Building Technologies has finalized the acquisition of the Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd., one of the largest British system integrators active in the fields of security technology and fire detection systems.

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