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In this online magazine, we join our clients, partners, and experts to provide interesting interviews, fascinating insights, and background information and tell inspiring customer stories.

Dr. Marcus Nadenau, Head of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Europe

Growth and innovation

What will the buildings of the future look like? And how can building owners, facility managers, and security officers make it easier to run their buildings in the future? In this interview, Dr. Marcus Nadenau, Head of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Europe, explains how networked solutions are increasingly changing and improving buildings.

Eissporthalle Davos Innenansicht

A brilliant idea for the Davos ice sports arena

There’s also a risk of fire in the middle of ice – which is why the Swiss canton of Grisons is now relying on new building safety solutions for its famous ice sports stadium, which was recently comprehensively refurbished. Now intelligent early fire detection is ensuring greater safety in an architecturally challenging environment that hosts large numbers of visitors.

Systems and technologies in the COBIS technical center

Best recommendations for action in 2 minutes

Using a digital building twin as a basis, Bosch is working on new IoT services in order to continuously optimize the performance of buildings – for example, in order to save energy and protect the environment.

Bosch employee Sabrina Ruis during planning work in her office.

“Many of our customers place their trust in our expertise”

Sabrina Ruis plans everything thoughtfully to make sure that genuine energy efficiency and climate protection don’t remain theory but are actually put into practice. It also involves personally going to customers, checking their energy consumption, and leveraging building information modeling (BIM) to digitalize processes.

Sustainability and efficiency

Energiemanagement Software

Better energy management

Efficiency up, energy consumption down: In China, the Bosch plant in Qingdao uses the Energy Platform for energy management – and thus contributes to climate protection.

ontario stage

Sustainable cities: Ontario is a must-see

Thanks to smart technology and building automation, Ontario has slashed greenhouse-gas emissions by 10,000 tons a year. We take you on a tour of the smart city’s hot spots.

Exterior view of the Frankfurt Authority Building

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How can buildings be operated economically efficiently and with low emissions? Discover many field-tested and innovative options on the way to climate neutrality.

Security and comfort

Man exits building through revolving door with mobile phone in hand

Opening doors with a smartphone

Modern, convenient, and compliant with data protection laws: Bosch is currently working on a new mobile access solution in which the smartphone is the linchpin of visitor management.

Truck at entry gate of Frechen truck stop

A real benefit for truck drivers

There is a shortage of around 400,000 secure truck parking spaces on German highways. At Autohof Frechen on the A1 near Cologne, an intelligent truck parking solution protects drivers and their freight.

Security and comfort

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The demand for safety and comfort is constantly growing. New technologies and ever-increasing networking are creating buildings in which people can feel completely at ease.

Digitalization and automation

exterior view of H7 Münster Germany

Made of sterner stuff

H7 Munster gives us a vision of true sustainability. It succeeds in doing so not only because the building was designed and built to be energy efficient, but because it was also designed for sustainable operation.

History of building automation

The history of building automation

Milestones from 1600 to tomorrow: Neither smart homes nor automation of commercial buildings would have become what they are today if clever minds in the past hadn’t peered into the future.

digitilization and automation

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How can existing buildings become smart? And how do IoT, connectivity and AI help with this process? Dive with us into the exciting world of digital transformation of buildings.

People and partnerships

Marius Kaiser sits on a staircase in the Service & Supply Chain Campus building in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Germany.

"We deliver future-proof solutions“

Marius Kaiser is always a few steps ahead in terms of thinking. As overall project manager for complex construction projects, he ensures that visions of the future become reality.

Graphic of a smart building

“We awaken buildings to intelligent life”

New IoT services are a must for propelling existing commercial buildings forward into the digital age. Andreas Mauer, CTO for Energy and Building Solutions, has clear ideas of what is required to provide building intelligence as a service.

People and partnerships

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Meet associates from the Bosch team who are driving visionary projects in our strong partnership approach with customers and other companies. Their goal: building solutions for a better living.

Information and news

Exterior view of the GFR headquarter in Verl, Germany

Growing to become even better

Bosch Building Automation GmbH is a new center of competence for all aspects of building automation, where some 300 additional specialists are developing new solutions.

Headquarters of Hörburger AG

Acquisition of Hörburger AG

The company of Hörburger AG joined the Bosch Group in February 2022, contributing 200 highly competent employees and 45 years of experience in the areas of building automation and energy management.

Bosch fiscal year 2021 and employees

Climate protection driving growth

In the 2021 fiscal year, the Bosch Group exceeded all expectations by significantly bolstering its sales volume and bottom line. Based on preliminary figures, sales climbed by 11%.

Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd.

Strengthening of international business

Bosch Building Technologies has finalized the acquisition of the Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd., one of the largest British system integrators active in the fields of security technology and fire detection systems.

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