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Connected Building: Fields of application in commercial buildings

How to increase the satisfaction and productivity of building users and reduce operating costs.

Man at laptop works with Connected Building Services from Bosch.IO

The Connected Building Services from Bosch.IO connect all relevant pieces of equipment in commercial buildings – and store the data in a cloud. As a result, building operators and facility managers can easily use a notebook or smartphone to monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) of buildings and their use; they can also compare the performance of multiple buildings.

Software services for Facility Management

Man working at his desk using Software services for Facility Management

Digital transformation is having a far-reaching and already visible impact on our working world and the environment in the buildings we work in.

With so many assets, extensive technologies, increasingly sophisticated system landscapes and complex data, facility managers are inundated with information – which poses new challenges.

On top of that, companies want easier-to-manage buildings that perform better while delivering greater energy efficiency. For example, you could create smarter workplaces for employees and save costs with more efficient cleaning processes. These scalable software services can be expanded room by room and building by building.

Elevator monitoring

Today, there are more than 12 million elevators in operation around the world. That number is rising fast. Every three days, elevators carry the equivalent of the entire planet's population. Building owners and facility management companies want to reduce elevator downtime, but lack of insight into operating data and high maintenance costs are impeding their efforts.

Bosch.IO offers an effective end-to-end IoT solution to put facility managers in control of their elevators' operation and maintenance. The solution is a combination of sensors, cloud services, and machine learning backed up by global operations.

Space management

Businesses often lack reliable information about when and why their rooms are being used. Companies could benefit from such knowledge to significantly optimize their investments in buildings, for example, by adapting scheduled cleaning to actual use and making unused space available. IoT solutions for buildings, such as Bosch.IO’s services for space management provide this data.

These cloud-based services collect and process information from building sensors and devices in near real time and deliver it to apps or online dashboards. The visualization of presence data – using heat maps, for instance – displays how one or more rooms or entire floors are being utilized in one or more buildings. The building manager can consequently optimize the use of floor space and dispatch cleaning services as necessary

Fields of application for Connected Building Services from Bosch.IO

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