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From Ski Lifts to the National Theater: Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Austria

Country Profile

From its Vienna head office, Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Austria has made a name for itself, in the space of just a few years, as a building safety and security expert providing customized solutions. Even in the snow, you come across satisfied customers.

Fun on the slopes at the Semmering ski resort. The snow conditions are perfect. From an altitude of 1,782 meters, you can let yourself glide down easily into the valley at the eastern edge of the Alps – against a spectacularly theatrical backdrop. With the stunning scenery and proximity to nearby towns, the Stuhleck mountain has become one of Austria’s most popular skiing areas that is close enough to visit for the day. Carving up the slopes goes hand in hand with stopping off in one of the mountain hut cafés to refuel. And when the famous song about skiing by Austropop sensation Wolfgang Ambros is ringing out from the hut’s loudspeakers, most people’s thoughts turn to their next alcoholic Jagertee – and no one is thinking about fire protection.

But this is exactly what the associates of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Austria have been doing. They have been in intensive dialog with experts from the Stuhleck ski lift to find an appropriate solution. The approximately three million people that visit each year should be able to enjoy their runs on the 26 kilometers of downhill trails free from worry. All four-seater chair lifts are now fitted with state-of-the art fire alarm technology from Bosch. The connected nature of the entire solution is particularly impressive.

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Five fire alarm receiving panels, interlinked by fiber optic cable, and 66 optical fire detectors ensure that any fire is detected quickly and reliably, the alarm is raised, and counter-measures are taken. Bosch service technicians oversee the system, providing reliable and professional maintenance. This is an important measure to minimize unwanted downtime of the cableway, so that neither skiers, ski schools, nor hut operators are left stranded.

Alexander Liess

We don’t just listen to their needs and challenges, we also understand them.

Alexander Liess Head of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Austria

Maximum safety combined with additional customer benefit is always the goal of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Austria, no matter how diverse the projects and the associated requirements may be. “We collaborate very closely with the customer,” says Alexander Liess, head of Energy and Building Solutions Austria. “We don’t just listen to their needs and challenges, we also understand them.” And solve them. “We bring the latest technology together into an overall concept and integrate the appropriate systems,” says Liess. In doing so, Energy and Building Solutions frequently relies on the support of regional fitters and electricians. Teamwork that both sides benefit from. The tradespeople learn a lot from Bosch expertise and, in return, also offer Bosch solutions to their customers in the future.

Across all activities, the office in Vienna is also supported by Robert Bosch AG Austria. This makes it possible to continually offer new services to customers of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions. These include flexible financing and leasing models, which have been rather uncommon in Austria to date, unlike in other countries, and have rarely been used. Without the parent company in the background, such services would not be possible. Together with the considerable commitment of associates, these factors have helped the unit, which started off as a small team in Vienna in 2014, to grow into a successful competitor in Austria. Proximity to the customer, not least in geographical terms, is underpinned further with sites in Hallein, Linz, and Innsbruck. And the customer base is correspondingly spread widely. Safety technology from Bosch can also be found in historically important buildings such as the Burgtheater in Vienna, Austria’s national theater.

Bosch Energy and BUilding Solutions Burgtheater

“Bosch has many reference projects in this area. We are benefitting from this experience.”

Alexander Liess, Head of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Austria

Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Austria is currently looking into the future together with CA Immo, a company which specializes in developing, leasing, and operating highend office buildings as part of a joint project called Galleria Wien. The entire complex originates from 1885, and its over 14,500 square meters accommodate 41 shops, as well as offices and apartments. The role of Energy and Building Solutions Austria was to realize a public address and voice alarm system, and to make the switch from an analog to a digital video system – the entire project being made more difficult by the rules governing older buildings.

An connected PA and video solution encompassing 80 IP cameras was ultimately installed. The new system provides a basis for further connected solutions, which are being derived in partnership with the customer. Alexander Liess: “Bosch has many reference projects in this area. We are benefitting from this experience.” And the customers are benefitting, too.

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