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“We show what we're capable of”

An interview with Jens Seeliger, Sales Manager Healthcare at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions

Jens Seeliger, Sales Manager Healthcare

When it comes to the emergence of smart hospitals, Jens Seeliger considers Bosch to be a system integrator providing all services from a single source.

Jens Seeliger

Jens Seeliger, Sales Manager Healthcare

Mr. Seeliger, everyone is talking about Industry 4.0, yet Hospital 4.0 is a relatively new term. What does it mean for companies like Bosch Energy and Building Solutions?

The healthcare market will benefit from this development. Industry and the manufacturing sector are already characterized by a much greater degree of digitalization. All the more reason for me to consider our task to be adapting our Bosch know-how to the clinical market and implementing it there. This offers a lot of potential.

How do you proceed with this? And where do you get involved?

We show what we’re capable of. We already offer the industry an extensive portfolio of solutions in the areas of safety, energy efficiency and communication. Customers are familiar with the individual topics: video monitoring, energy supply, theft prevention and patient infotainment – all these are different processes that we offer in an integrated form from one single source. We have the opportunity to implement everything in one and the same value chain and be a reliable partner to our customers. Ideally, we should be involved in deliberations at a very early stage. We combine our experiences and skills in relation to system integration and building technology maintenance with our knowledge of our customers’ needs. This expertise allows hospitals and clinics to benefit when they work on projects with us.

"Collaboration is an important component. But the essential thing is a partner who can link up and integrate everything in one single integrated concept."

Jens Seeliger, Sales Manager Healthcare

Is there a magic formula?

We always say that a smart hospital is based on powerful digital infrastructure. This is the only way to integrate and manage safety, building and communication technology comprehensively.

And you do all that yourself?

We also get solution partners involved, and communicate with colleagues around the world, even across Bosch divisions. Collaboration is an important component. But the essential thing is a partner who can link up and integrate everything in one single integrated concept.

Bosch equips the RKK Freiburg with security technology

Bosch Energy and Building Solutions equips the RKK Freiburg with security technology.

How do you score with customers?

First, we offer everything from a single source; not many are able to do that. As a system integrator, we want to find the best solution for our customers; above all, we provide them with support for secondary processes, these being the fields that are not our customers’ area of expertise. Then we score points with our technological solutions, flexible future-proof concepts, our extensive experience in the industry and our building specialists.

What about synergies within the company?

New solutions always involve a knowledge transfer as well. When it comes to indoor localization, the know-how used to find tools on a construction site can also be applied to the health market. Or there is the information such as air pressure, temperature and illumination intensity obtained from connected sensors and devices, which we can also use for a connected building platform.

Jens Seeliger

Jens Seeliger is responsible for the Health Care Competence Center at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions. Before working in this function, he studied business administration and then spent more than 20 years in the healthcare sector, assuming responsibility for business development and sales of IT and Communication technology.

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