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“The ability to solve problems is what makes my customers happy”

Colleen Turski Account Manager-Owner direct sales

Colleen Turski is Account Manager-Owner direct sales at our US subsidiary Climatec. A job she loves and that motivates her every day.

Colleen Turski

Colleen, what excites you day after day?

I love that my job is not stagnant and each day provides me with new challenges. Knowing that every day is different and that I am still able to bring solutions to my customers, in an ever changing environment, is energizing.

How do you make your customers happy?

I have been employed at Climatec for fourteen years, during that time I have developed an extensive knowledge base of building automation systems. This knowledge base allows me to be an outside the box thinker and a solution provider. The ability to solve problems is what makes my customers happy.

"The benefits of IoT are endless."

What benefits do you see as a result of increased networking?

The benefits of IoT are endless. My customers are tasked with adding to the bottom line but their expenses continue to increase, a no win situation. Preventative maintenance is often disregarded, not because it’s not necessary but because the man power and time to manage incoming work orders and preventative maintenance does not exist. IoT can backfill the lack of man power through the use of fault detection, giving customers a specified list on where to spend their time and what item will have the largest ROI.

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