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Bosch to exhibit networked solutions for reducing energy consumption and optimally exploiting resources

BrauBeviale 2018

Newsflash | October 2018

At this year’s BrauBeviale trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, from November 13-15, Bosch’s building experts will showcase integrated solutions and services that breweries and beverage producers can take advantage of to identify and tap opportunities to increase efficiency.

Couple in brewery

Managing and lastingly reducing energy consumption

One of the highlights at booth 129 in hall 4 will be the Bosch Energy Platform. This cloud-based software suite captures and analyzes energy and process data from various sources and visualizes them in the form of informative metrics for easy evaluation of efficiency levels.

When this is supplemented by data on energy consumption by production systems etc., it becomes possible to determine the per-item energy cost. Deviations from consumption patterns can also be detected to permit immediate corrective, and the solution intelligently reduces the amount of electric power drawn from the grid to cope with peak loads.

Processes simplified and resource use optimized

In addition, the Energy Platform paves the way for implementing Industry 4.0 solutions and simplifying complex operations such as maintenance. It can be connected to machines to continuously monitor component wear and tear: when a defined limit is exceeded, a repair process is automatically initiated.

Greater energy efficiency in production

Besides the Energy Platform, the building specialists will present new concepts for optimizing energy supply and boosting energy efficiency in production situations. Clients will be able to obtain the entire value chain from a single source, backed by flexible financing and operational models.

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