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Connected Buildings Event in Milan: buildings and cities of the future

September 2018

Newsflash | September 2018

More than 60 prominent individuals representing a range of industries in various countries, as well as Bosch experts, converged on the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan, the capital of Lombardy, on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 for the first of a series of five Connected Buildings events spotlighting the cities and buildings of tomorrow. Drawing on their personal experience, they all reported on how state-of-the-art solutions and technologies are enhancing the wellbeing and safety of people everywhere. The other four events will be held in Zurich, Amsterdam, Vienna and Berlin.

Luigi Bernardi, CEO Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Italy, opened with the words “the need for safer, more efficient and more comfortable buildings is growing, and with it the demand for integrated turnkey solutions to protect people, property and the environment. The Internet of Things is spawning a huge range of new possibilities that we are leveraging to achieve these goals.”

Professor Vita Di Bari, a former executive director of IMI at UNESCO who also designed innovations for the Italian pavilion at Expo 2015, affirmed that “the result will be an epochal, systemic, distributed evolution. In this scenario, solutions must be integrated from the outset, starting with the most pressing challenges, namely to increase energy efficiency, ensure mobility, and optimize transportation, security and connectivity.”

Solutions must be integrated from the very beginning.

Prof. Vito Di Bari, Innovation Designer

Michael Mendola, the cross-selling coordinator for Germany, provided an overview of the technologies and systems that the multinational corporation is forging worldwide for the smart cities of the future: “New systems and infrastructures for mobility, real-time monitoring of air quality, more energy-efficient buildings, and greater safety and security for people and housing: urbanization is posing some of the most formidable challenges of our times.

New ‘megacities’ with a population of 10 million or more are appearing at a rate of about one a year. Bosch is currently working on smart city projects in 14 large metropolitan areas, while taking advantage of network technologies to create urban spaces and steadily improve the quality of life.”

1,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions

are saved by Bosch technologies in the metalworking company Albertini.

Alberto Bollea, the sales director of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Italy, concluded the evening by presenting projects from the regional market.

Giorgio Ciapponi, who heads a project in the town of Morbegno in the Italian Alps, explained that “Bosch was brought in to boost energy efficiency. Within the scope of a long-term contract that includes project financing, it has implemented smart city components, switched all public lighting to LED lamps, modernized the municipal heating plants and ensured compliance with fire protection guidelines in all public buildings.”

Alberto Sanna, the managing director of the metalworking company of Albertini, explained that “the energy efficiency project Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Italy has developed for us has multiple objectives: to reduce the consumption of primary energy by lowering purchase costs, to boost the efficiency of processes, and to reduce CO₂ emissions by means of responsible resource management. All of these results have been guaranteed to us by an energy performance contract calling for integrated measures to improve energy efficiency, safety and comfort in our Villasanta and Quero plants. Altogether the measures will yield an annual energy saving of around 2.6 gigawatt-hours and eliminate nearly a thousand tonnes of CO₂ emissions.”

Impressions of the event

Connected Buildings Milan
Connected Buildings Milan
Connected Buildings Milan
Connected Buildings Milan
Connected Buildings Milan
Connected Buildings Milan
Connected Buildings Milan
Connected Buildings Milan
Connected Buildings Milan

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