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Energy Platform

Newsflash | October 2018

The energy and resources consumed by buildings and factories are a significant and steadily growing cost factor as automation increases. The business success of any manufacturing company depends on meeting many requirements, which include optimizing processes, preventing system failures, and reducing base loads. At the same time, it’s essential to meet legal requirements and comply with standards to avoid penalties and reduce taxes. Networked Energy Management 4.0 combines energy and process data with Industry 4.0 solutions to pinpoint weaknesses in processes and increase productivity. The core of Bosch’s Networked Energy Management 4.0 approach is the Energy Platform: a cloud-based software solution for capturing and analyzing energy data and converting them into highly useful metrics.

This solution can collect data from a wide array of sources, for example measurements by counters and sensors, information from building control systems, and the number of units produced. The Energy Platform then crunches all of these data to generate precisely tailored metrics for assessing the efficiency of energy and resource use. These in turn enable companies to compare efficiency levels across multiple production sites and systematically plan and implement improvements. At the same time, the platform analyzes all values to instantly detect deviations in consumption patterns. The responsible individuals are immediately informed of irregularities in energy consumption so they can take prompt corrective action.

Energy Platform
Intelligent evaluation of data based on energy management 4.0 at the Homburg plant

The Energy Platform can, for instance, continuously monitors the wear of connected system components. If a user-defined limit is exceeded, a preconfigured maintenance process is automatically triggered. For example, required parts can be automatically conveyed to the machine, repair work scheduled, and the responsible technician informed. This simplified the process of replacing components. The Energy Platform from Bosch thus automates complex work routines so employees have more time to focus on preserving and increasing value. Appropriately managing load peaks in production is another important issue. Attempts are often made to manage them simply by taking loads offline. But costs can be significantly reduced by integrating local energy sources such as photovoltaic systems.

The Energy Platform lets manufacturing companies practice intelligent load management: it automatically forecasts a plant’s output while taking all relevant data into consideration, such as production quotas and weather forecasts. All available energy sources are taken into account for meeting demand. Loads and sources are then automatically controlled by the Energy Platform to smooth peaks. The Energy Platform lends itself to a vast range of applications. They include visualizing energy consumption, assessing per-unit costs by factoring in energy data, and many others. Bosch also uses this intelligent solution in its own plants to continually improve the efficiency of production on a long-term basis, currently monitoring consumption at more than 30,000 points.

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