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Networked Fire Protection Solution for the Stuhleck Ski Area in Austria

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Stuhleck, located in the commune of Spital am Semmering in the Austrian state of Styria, towers to a height of 1,782 meters. This makes it the tallest mountain in the eastern Alps. It was also one of the first summits to be climbed on skis, a pioneering achievement that helped the Semmering area become one of Austria’s first winter resort destinations. Today the Stuhleck is the country’s most popular ski area, with around three million enthusiasts riding the lifts there each year. Besides heavenly slopes and limitless skiing fun, the area also provides an absolutely safe experience to visitors: all of its four-seater chairlifts are equipped with state-of-the-art fire protection technology from Bosch.

The project was implemented in cooperation with Bosch safety experts. “We worked together closely to develop a sound, balanced fire protection concept,” says Josef Bierbaumer, who is responsible for fire protection at Berglift Stuhleck, the company that runs the ski lifts. “A total of five networked fire panels and 66 optical smoke detectors were installed.” Rudolf Wieser, the project leader and a sales representative of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Austria, adds that “they ensure fast, reliable detection of any fires, activation of alarms and coordination of firefighting activities.”

"We worked together closely to develop a sound, balanced fire protection concept"

Josef Bierbaumer, responsible for fire protection at Berglift Stuhleck
Bergbahn Stuhleck

Thanks to the modular design of the five Series 5000 fire panels, it was very easy to very flexibly configure them and create a customized solution. They are also simple to operate, and their highly functional control screens enable straightforward, intuitive handling of all alarm events. The system’s parts are linked by fiber-optic cables, which have many advantages. These include making it impossible for a fire to be started by parasitic currents, which can be induced by lightning or a short circuit. The Bosch fire panels also feature integrated optical converters, which reduces networking costs.

Bergbahn Stuhlbeck

Professional technicians from Bosch regularly service the system and carry out any required repairs. “This increases system availability by minimizing downtimes,” explains Christian Pinter, who is in charge of operations at Berglift Stuhleck. The system ultimately benefits the entire winter sports area, because when the ski lifts stop working, besides incurring costs for its operator it also affects other businesses such as ski lodges and schools.

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