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Ready for the future: The ‘Connected Buildings’ series of events organized by Bosch Energy and Building Solutions in the fall of 2018 demonstrated how tomorrow’s safe, comfortable, and efficient buildings are created based on networked solutions. Under the motto ‘Turning ideas into reality,’ the high-profile event was held in five cities across Europe. The series started in Milan and continued in Zurich, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Berlin.

Connected Buildings Event: Marcus Nadenau as speeker

Technical and commercial decision-makers from a wide range of industries followed the invitation to learn more about solutions that deliver greater safety, comfort, and efficiency in commercial buildings and to exchange ideas with experts. Internationally renowned futurologists shed light on how quickly digitalization is bringing about change and why it is so important to act now. The evening event in Berlin on October 25 marked the end of this series of events. Bosch experts and decision-makers from a wide range of industries exchanged views on smart building solutions in the exclusive ambience of the Axica Congress and Convention Center.

 Jens Mack: Connected Buildings and Smart Cities

The lead-in presentation by Jens Mack, Bosch Senior Vice President Sales and Business Development Building Technologies, illustrated how urbanization and demographic change are reshaping the demands placed on buildings. One such example is the Internet of Things (IoT): Today, six billion devices are connected to the Internet, and “by 2020 it will be an estimated 20 billion,” said Mack. This creates new opportunities and possibilities for networked solutions and services. Futurologist and strategy expert Michael Carl from Denkfabrik 2bAhead further discussed this megatrend. According to Carl, IoT will not only network technical devices with one another, but it will affect all spheres of life. He therefore advocates using the term ‘Internet of Everything.’

Location of the Connected Buildungs Event in Vienna

Bosch Cross Selling Coordinator Michael Mendola then showed how life in ‘smart cities’ can be improved by means of networked solutions. Based on the showcase of the NOVE office complex in Munich, Tim Wiesener, CEO of Salvis Consulting AG, and Bosch systems consultant Tim Kosok concluded with an example of how to perfectly wed security with comfort – an example that is certain to set a precedent.

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