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Issue 2019


A Magazine about Security, Comfort and Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Dear Readers,

our goal is to make life safer, more comfortable, and more efficient for people in commercial buildings.

In this context, the dialogue with you, our customers, is the crucial basis for achieving this. By being close to you, we can understand your challenges and needs in order to realise the right solution for you. This mutual exchange is at the same time the “oxygen” that makes our partnerships grow further.

As the world becomes more connected, our customers are often faced with unprecedented needs and challenges, and expect new, innovative solutions to meet them.

Then it’s up to us to come up with those solutions! Through exchanging with you and our partners, we develop creative ideas for futureproof solutions and implement them as a system integrator. This allows us to provide an increasingly broad range of cutting-edge services that focus on different sector-specific needs and thereby improve people’s daily lives.

Use the following pages to be inspired by these projects and partnerships. And I would like to cordially invite you: Take part in this important dialogue with us - we look forward to it.

On this note, I wish you much pleasure reading this issue.

Thomas Quante, Executive Vice President Bosch Energy and Building Solutions
Thomas Quante, Executive Vice President Bosch Energy and Building Solutions

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