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2020 edition

SOLUTIONS Magazine 2020. The customer magazine of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions | Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

In full swing

The digital transformation is in full swing and proceeding rapidly. Practically every company is in a process of change. Digitalization and IoT bring challenges, but also open up a wealth of opportunities.

We see ourselves as a partner who is actively involved in our customers’ digital transformation. That’s because innovate technologies alone are not enough. Only holistic solutions with vision can produce the most sustainable effects, leading to further ideas for new IoT-based Services.

Learn more in our magazine issue 2020. Enjoy reading!

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2019 edition

SOLUTIONS Magazine 2019. The customer magazine of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions | Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Security with Style

As the world becomes more connected, our customers are often faced with unprecedented needs and challenges, and expect new, innovative solutions to meet them. In this context, the dialogue with you, our customers, is the crucial basis for achieving this.

Through exchanging with you and our partners, we develop creative ideas for futureproof solutions and implement them as a system integrator. This allows us to provide an increasingly broad range of cutting-edge services that focus on different sector-specific needs and thereby improve people’s daily lives. Read more in our magazine!

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2018 edition

SOLUTIONS Magazine 2018

The human in the center

The commercial building of tomorrow is safe, comfortable, efficient and smart! As your partner for integrated building solutions, we leverage the potential of the IoT as digitization creates new features and services that improve, accelerate and automate processes.

In our magazine 2018, we will give you an insight and an outlook on how networking can help to improve people's everyday lives while supporting values and protecting the environment.

Enjoy reading!