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Sri Mahalakshmi Dairy

A Perfect Fit

India’s dairy industry is booming – but also consumes a lot of energy. A connected solution is the remedy.

India’s dairy industry is booming

India’s dairy industry has grown unabated since the mid-1970s. At over 150 million metric tons per year, the country has grown to become the largest milk producer in the world. However, given that its energy has, to date, been primarily generated using coal-fired power plants, India is currently still the world’s third-largest emitter of CO₂. This is just one of the reasons why the country is appealing to its companies to invest in efficient technologies and sustainable solutions to lower energy consumption in the long term.

Customized Energy Solution

The “Sri Mahalakshmi Dairy”, known in India for its Aroma brand of milk products, aims to set a good example in the industry and forge ahead with energy-efficient production. With an annual production volume of 200,000 liters of milk, the company is currently one of the largest private dairy operations in India. The dairy has placed its trust in the problem-solving expertise of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions to keep operations running sustainably. The experts from our team in India studied the industry’s requirements in detail and developed an Integrated Heating and Cooling Solution for dairies,

which is currently being implemented at the Sri Mahalakshmi Dairy facility in the city of Coimbatore in southern India. The processes in dairies utilize energy for both heating and cooling. While heating processes employ steam generators, chillers are installed to meet cooling requirements. The core of the new solution’s performance lies in how demand from the dairy processes and supply of energy from the heating systems are integrated and synchronized to achieve substantial energy savings.


less energy is consumed by the dairy thanks to the integrated solution.

In India, dairy products like the clarified butter known as ghee, or yogurt (used to make lassi), have an extremely important role to play.

In India, dairy products such as butter lard called ghee or yogurt (Lassi) play an important role; not least because it serves as a protein source for the meatless living part of the population. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the country is with around 72 million

tonnes of milk the third largest producer in the world after the EU and USA. If one adds the quantity of buffalo milk produced as usual in Asian countries, India is in first place with an annual production of 155,000 tons.

In India, dairy products such as ghee called butter lard or yogurt (Lasshi) play an important roleRolle

Integrated solution from a single source

The most important thing when working on a project like this is having an experienced partner at your side who combines and integrates all of the technical components in a complete system to ensure full functionality. This makes it possible to achieve the optimum in terms of performance and service life.


Thanks to the integrated solution, the customer’s energy consumption has decreased by 14%. This not only reduces the annual costs for the customer, but also helps protect the environment; at present, they’re able to save 450 metric tons of environmentally harmful CO₂ annually. The scope of delivery included planning, detailed engineering, installation and calibration to ensure optimal operation.

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