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How Bosch supported the security forces as an “Official Supplier”

2018 UCI Road World Championships in Innsbruck, Austria

Between September 22 and 30, 2018, more than a thousand athletes from around the globe turned Innsbruck, the capital of the Austrian state of Tyrol, into the number one cycling hotspot.

The 2018 UCI Road World Championships were broadcast in 150 countries and had around 250 million viewers riveted to their television sets. And than 600,000 cycling fans were on hand to cheer the participants as they tackled spectacular, highly challenging routes. All 12 races ended in the same place: the square in front of the Hofburg, a famous former Habsburg palace. Each day of the event, thousands of spectators gathered in the city’s center to applaud the world’s best road cyclists as they completed the final stretch and, in the evenings, to enthusiastically party in a range of additional activities organized for the occasion.

Ensuring the safety of everyone present was naturally a high priority. Bernhard Mayerhofer, in charge of safety and security at Innsbruck-Tirol Rad WM 2018 GmbH, the company responsible for organizing the event, stated afterward that “the 2018 Road World Championships were a resounding success. There were no disruptions and everything proceeded peacefully. Our security plan worked like a charm, with the team very quickly and professionally handling the isolated situations that occurred.”

Bernhard Mayerhofer

Our security plan worked like a charm, with the team very quickly and professionally handling the isolated situations that occurred.

Bernhard Mayerhofer, Head of Safety & Security, Innsbruck-Tirol Rad WM 2018 GmbH

Intelligent Video Analysis by Bosch

The on-site security personnel were supported by IP cameras with integrated intelligent video analysis from Bosch. These monitor critical zones, automatically detecting any unauthorized intrusions in blocked-off areas, alerting personnel if anyone falls to the ground, revealing left-behind objects such as suitcases and much more. “Intelligent video analysis gives a huge boost to security in public areas, like in central Innsbruck during the Road World Championships,” explained Alexander Liess, who heads Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Austria.

As an “Official Supplier” to the 2018 UCI Road World Championships, Bosch not only provided all of the hardware required for the event but also backed it up with the expertise of its highly qualified technicians. “Our cooperation went without a hitch,” stressed security expert Mayerhofer. He is convinced that the use of intelligent video analysis technology will boom in future projects, both mobile and stationary.

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