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Tim Kosok about smart solutions

Tim Kosok has been working as a system consultant for nearly 15 years. He advises companies across a wide range of industries, devising convincing building solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs.

Tim Kosok (right) talking to a customer.
Tim Kosok (right) talking to a customer.

Mr. Kosok, what inspires you every day?

A lot of things. For instance, that I have the chance to make a real difference here at Bosch by working with commitment and passion. And that I get to meet so many new people in connection with my projects. I also love facing challenges, seizing opportunities, and driving change. Which is exactly what my customers expect of me.

How do you please your customers?

By respecting them and focusing on solutions. This involves asking questions, listening, going all out to understand them and their needs, and then coming up with a solution that will continue to serve them well in the future. I always strive for a relationship that’s based on partnership and trust. This is the prerequisite for designing and implementing great projects together.

"I see many benefits from using data in integrated smart solutions and services."

The networked solution for the NOVE office building in Munich was a project of this kind. What did you enjoy most about it?

It had different facets. It was fascinating to work with a visionary customer like Mr. Wiesener of Salvis Consulting AG. I’m proud to say that the solution we developed and put into practice for the building as a team completely met their expectations. It’s motivating to get such good feedback! Plus, this project was an opportunity for us to network more closely with colleagues from other Bosch divisions. The bottom line is that it was both great fun and highly rewarding

The IoT plays a major role in the NOVE solution. What new value do you see for your customers in more extensive networking?

I see many benefits from using data in integrated smart solutions and services. For example, it helps customers achieve even greater transparency while reducing the number of interfaces. Plus, these data can be used to create additional value-added services to support their core businesses.