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Our experts assist you as consultants, installation team and service partner to ensure life safety and security of your personnel and equipment.

Take advantage of our extensive expertise and integrated solutions based on the latest technologies. We support you as consultants, installers and service providers in Singapore. With our key strength in in-house research & development for system integration and customization, we offer consultation, design, installation, testing, commissioning and services to deliver tailored solutions.

Surveillance camera


Surveillance plays an important role of recording events for playback when needs arise. We offer wide range of cameras with different specifications suitable for indoor and outdoor environment integrated with management software that can be overseen by your security personnel to give you an all-rounded surveillance of the entire property. Some notable functions are facial recognition, crowd monitoring, traffic monitoring, and fire detection and alerting of such emergencies.

Physical Protection System

Physical Protection System

Physical Protection System, such as fence intrusion detection, bollard barrier and turnstiles systems, is critical to securing building perimeters. The system provides first-line security to prevent unauthorized access to secured areas, detecting intrusion, sabotage, and malicious attacks. It can detect potential intruder using sensors and send the signal to the intrusion control panel, which evaluates the signals from the intrusion detectors and notifies personnel on-site and at monitoring stations.

Access Control system

Access Control

Access control systems allow authorized personnel entry and unauthorized personnel are kept out. Our integrated solutions help you to control and limit access with different access authorizations for high-security areas locations. We offer a wide range of readers suitable for various solutions.

Management Software

Management Software

Management Software allows you to oversee various security systems such as access control, video surveillance, fire, public address or intrusion systems on one single platform. As a complete solution to enhance security, this integrated system increases efficiency and allows faster response from on-site personnel.



As part of the security system, Public Address provides timely audio alerts to project important information across multiple settings, scalable for applications of all sizes. Professional Sound paired with control and supervision software help you to create an elegant and comfortable environment, enhancing your customer’s experience.

Supplementary services to complement equipment

Supplementary services to complement equipment

We provide supplementary services to complement the equipment you require, such as server racks and consoles. For a mass transfer to the new security system, we also offer card printer and photo-taking booth that helps ease the trouble of having to engage a separate service provider.

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