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“Not just hear, but listen”

It‘s all about the people

Kelvin Cheong, Project Leader

Kelvin Cheong is a project leader on our Singapore team. He develops and implements integrated building solutions to ensure security and life safety for a wide variety of customers in the island city-state.

Kelvin Cheong

Mr. Cheong, what excites you day after day?

The wide variety of challenges that we face together with our customers and suppliers. It’s awesome when we meet their expectations.

How do you make your customers happy?

For one thing, by tuning into their challenges and needs. They can tell that I’m not just hearing them, but really listening. For another, by thinking out of the box to come up with solutions. Our customers then often come back to us for other projects or recommend us.

What benefits do you see as a result of increased networking?

Our customers here in Singapore are kind of slow to adopt long-term solutions and embrace the latest technologies. I think this will change once the 5G mobile network is up and running. Then they’ll start investing more in technologies that boost productivity and use resources more efficiently.

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