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Banner Health, USA

Banner Health Systems Phoenix, USA

To manage comfort, safety, security and energy from a single user interface, Banner Health looked for a smart building solution and found it with our US subsidiary Climatec.

In Arizona, Banner Health is the second largest private employer and one of the largest non-profit healthcare providers of the U.S., with 29 hospitals in seven states.

Our US subsidiary Climatec is this customer’s supplier of choice and has been developing and integrating intelligent building solutions for them that have ensured

  • comfort,
  • security,
  • and efficiency

in newly constructed and renovated hospitals for the past twenty years.

Banner Health
“The work of all of our employees is always 100 percent focused on achieving optimal results for our customers. That is also the foundation of our success"
Mauro Lima-Vaz, Managing Director of Climatec
Banner Health

The goal of Banner Health is to create comfortable environments for the provision of medical care in Arizona that are also economical and reliable. In addition to the control and optimization of the air conditioning systems in these buildings, Climatec has also installed a nurse calling system, which is connected both to the patient entertainment system and the hospital’s data management system.

The automation of air conditioning systems in particular is no easy undertaking - especially in cities like Phoenix, where the sun shines 300 days a year and temperatures can range from frost in the winter to over 50°C in the summer. In spite of all of these challenges, Climatec is successful in finding the right technology and being an absolutely reliable partner for its clients.

300 days of sunshine

Whether heat or frost - Climatec has been finding the right technology for every challenge.

About Climatec

Together with its subsidiary Climatec and its over 780 employees, Bosch is already an established full-service provider for building automation, energy and security solutions in the USA. With this interesting profile, Climatec targets a wide range of industries as a solution provider in all three domains. Climatec, which is based in Phoenix, Arizona, was acquired by Bosch in early 2015. Founded in 1975, the company still operates under its own brand name as part of the new Integrator Business.

From very early on, Climatec has success fully concentrated on select customer segments whose characteristics were a good fit with the core competencies and service culture of the company. In particular, educational institutions such as universities and schools, health care facilities such as hospitals, and public-run buildings such as sporting facilities were quickly pinpointed as key customers. One of Climatec’s principal calling cards is its work for Banner Health.