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Digital service suite

NEXOSPACE: Digital services for building management

To achieve great things, you have to look beyond the horizon. With NEXOSPACE, the future holds a completely new reality for digital facility management. Our suite of intelligent, connected and integrated services can help you to digitally transform your building.

Building – a new reality.

As of now, you will find the entire cosmos of building management services in one digital place. NEXOSPACE is your digital partner, helping you navigate buildings into the digital age. It does so with unrivalled ease. You gain full insight into all building data and experience how this increases the value and attractiveness of your building.

Are you ready for take-off?

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What makes NEXOSPACE so unique?

NEXOSPACE orchestrates the optimal interaction of your building's technical equipment in real time. Data from the various building service systems are brought together and analyzed. When used in combination with a digital twin, this creates a completely new, holistic view of the building. Comprehensive building information provides a reliable basis for decision-making in your day-to-day business.

NEXOSPACE gives you and your building the right tools for a digital future.

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Watch the presentation of NEXOSPACE at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2022 by Andreas Mauer, CTO and Chief Architect Building Technologies: „Digital foundations for a connected, integrated, and intelligent building"

Benefits of digital building management

A boost for building efficiency

A boost for building efficiency

NEXOSPACE lets you digitize facility management and ensure smooth operating processes in buildings. This conserves personnel resources and allows you to concentrate on your core business. At the same time, NEXOSPACE helps you to optimize operating costs.

Increasing building transparency

Increasing building transparency

NEXOSPACE provides end-to-end information and powerful analytics for better decision making – giving you complete visibility for all systems and equipment inside and outside your building.

Comfort for building users

Comfort for building users

NEXOSPACE makes buildings perfect places for their users. The focus is on well-being and productivity. Workplace design measures and optimal facility control enhance the user experience.

Sustainable buildings

Sustainable buildings

NEXOSPACE offers you a detailed insight into the energy consumption of building services. This enables you to reduce your energy consumption and optimize resource use holistically. Reduce building emissions and manage systems in an environmentally conscious way.

29% savings


Connectivity is the first step on the path to optimization. NEXOSPACE gathers data from all parts and technical equipment in your building and transforms this into valuable information needed for optimization.

Chart with overview of elements that comprise the new Bosch digital building servies
Raw data from sensors, equipment and software and media is securely transferred to the cloud. There it is standardized and structured using an ontological approach. Forecast models are provided to evaluate the information. Smart data analysis reveals correlations between different measured values with mathematical models. Users receive a clear presentation of information in the form of cockpits or apps that can be accessed in real time. This allows you to identify potential for optimization and to implement it directly.
"Buildings are becoming separate digital ecosystems that need to communicate and interact with each other in an open, reliable and secure way. We're committed to helping companies make this transformation with our current and future IoT services."
Thomas Quante, CEO Bosch Building Technologies
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Application areas for digital facility management

NEXOSPACE creates added value in a wide range of application areas and services. We will be happy to advise you on how to address your everyday challenges in facility management.

Reduce your building's CO₂ emissions and energy consumption.

Improve overall building performance and increase your building's attractiveness using predictive models.

Predict maintenance issues before they occur based on smart data analysis of your equipment's status and performance.

Create a digital map of processes within your building and across multiple buildings.

Gather and analyze the operating data of your systems and use this to increase efficiency.

Proactively track, identify, and combat cyber threats to protect your systems and data.

Live up to your responsibilities as an operator in a legally secure way (through professional documentation of testing and monitoring measures).

Why choose NEXOSPACE?

Our mission is to find the best solutions for our customers. There are many reasons why you can count on us.

Future-proof portfolio

The NEXOSPACE suite combines a highly stable, open platform, a growing number of IoT-supported solutions and intelligent algorithms.

Tailored to your needs

The services can be tailored to the specific requirements of your property. This simplifies integration, operation and maintenance.

Financially attractive

Flexible payment models such as pay-per-use help reduce upfront investment costs.


Trust in the long-term stability and innovative strength of Bosch and rest assured that you are investing in high-quality technology and processes.

Longstanding experience

NEXOSPACE harnesses our decades of experience as an integrator and optimizer – both in our own plants and at customer sites.

Excellent know-how

We utilize our deep understanding of the market and our expertise in the areas of hardware and software to create added value for our customers.

Become a datanaut!

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