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Smart Buildings – how intelligent buildings support us in the future

Network solutions and new IoT services are transforming commercial buildings into smart, efficient, sustainable, safe, and comfortable environments that intelligently adapt and respond to people’s needs. But how exactly will owners, operators, and users benefit in the future? And how can existing “dumb” buildings acquire intelligence?

Woman in front of a smart building at night - managed with smart solutions and services from Bosch, GFR and Climatec.

Networked solutions and services for Smart Buildings

Digitalization is a powerful driver of change in today’s world. It is making it easier for us to live and work, enabling new forms of collaboration, and simplifying complex processes. It allows us to enjoy new dimensions of comfort and convenience along with greater safety and better protection. What's more, digitization and connectivity are generating a steady stream of new possibilities for transforming commercial buildings into intelligent, proactive living and working worlds.

All of this is happening at breakneck speed, and the possibilities are still far from exhausted. Artificial intelligence is increasingly mingling with the Internet of Things, resulting in innovative AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) solutions that generate even more value along with greater efficiency, comfort, and safety. At the same time, intelligent networking of technical building systems is boosting efficiency and enabling new, intelligent services.

Intelligent buildings ...

... are the sustainability drivers of the future

Sustainable smart buildings behind trees

Buildings rank among the biggest energy consumers and account for nearly 40% of global CO₂ emissions. They therefore harbor great potential for helping us achieve the goal of climate neutrality by the year 2050.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if future buildings could autonomously monitor, regulate, analyze, and optimize their own energy consumption? If they contributed to achieving greater sustainability every day of the year by intelligently and sensitively adjusting temperatures, lighting, and ventilation in response to changing requirements? And regulating themselves to ensure the comfort of their users while using energy so efficiently that operating costs are slashed while benefiting the environment?

… are attractive because they increasingly support us

Two people walk through smart office building

In the future, smart buildings that are both safe and sustainable while pleasantly supporting their users with new digital features will enjoy a clear edge in the market. Space will also be utilized much more flexibly than is currently the case.

How well a building meets its users’ needs will influence where members of the generation of “digital natives” prefer to spend their time. Highly automated buildings are already able to support “new work” approaches today. And in the not-so-distant future, intelligent buildings will also make our everyday lives easier with more and better IoT-based services.

… and think along to ensure optimal operation.

A woman looks at a tablet in a smart building

Quickly identifying and resolving problems, anticipating the need for maintenance and automatically planning it, optimally utilizing areas and rooms – these are just a few of the many new possibilities that intelligent buildings open up for enabling their operators to optimally manage them.

The changing ways in which buildings and people interact are also transforming management processes, simplifying on-site and facilitating remote maintenance, and extending service intervals. Buildings themselves are becoming the best partners of facility and energy managers, supporting the everyday work of everyone involved, simplifying processes, and helping to lastingly lower operating costs.

Video: Smart Building

Amy has invited her daughter May to come along and spend the day in her office. Integrated building automation solutions help them both throughout the day: From finding a parking space to personalized workstations, indoor navigation and facial recognition, sunlight harvesting to CO₂ reduction – in short: building solutions for a better life.

The future of commercial buildings lies in networked solutions that let operators and investors reduce risks and costs while facilitating operations.

How do we lift buildings into the digital age?

Two colleagues sitting in smart office building

In many older buildings a wide range of technologies, systems, and sensors have already been installed. Unfortunately, often they merely coexist instead of working together.

To generate the greatest benefits, we are enabling existing buildings to benefit from the digital possibilities, while ensuring consistent standards and intelligent data capture to generate greater value. Technologies, software, systems, and sensors are being integrated with knowledge of a building’s processes and routines in a digital environment. All of the information is merged in an all-embracing solution architecture that is designed to master key challenges such as connectivity, secure data storage and processing, and visualization.

Smart Buildings – a trend-setting topic for owners and operators

Andreas Mauer about smart Buildings

Building Intelligence as a Service

How do you propel existing commercial buildings into the digital age of the 21st century? The “Building Intelligence as a Service” program is bringing technologies, software, systems, and sensors together with building processes and user behavior. We talked with Andreas Mauer, Chief Technology Officer for Energy and Building Solutions at Bosch Building Technologies, about new IOT services for providing sustainable, safe and comfortable environments that adapt and respond to users’ needs.

Woman enters networked building - planning, optimization and operation with cloud solutions and digital twins

Digitalization in building management

How do users, operators and the environment benefit when all the data of a building are brought into alignment? The greater the semantic understanding of buildings, the greater the benefits for all those involved. This is made possible by digital building twins and new intelligent services based on them.

Bosch Connected World 2019

Connected buildings – a digital transformation

Join us in this video presentation from last year's Bosch ConnectedWorld on a journey into a proactive and intelligent building with Andreas Mauer, Chief Technology Officer Integrator Business at Bosch Building Technologies.

Vera Schneevoigt, Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President responsible for Engineering at the Bosch Building Technologies Division, and Marcus Nadenau, Senior Vice President Energy and Building Solutions Europe.

Are we talking about Building IQs in a few years?

Vera Schneevoigt, Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President responsible for Engineering at the Bosch Building Technologies Division, and Marcus Nadenau, Senior Vice President Energy and Building Solutions Europe, talk about new opportunities arising from digitalization.

When offices, malls or even airports are turned into “smart buildings”, their safety, comfort and efficiency greatly improve. In this interview, Habib Modabber, Director of Business Development at Bosch Sicherheitssysteme, explains the advantages of “digital twins”.

Digital Twins

When offices, malls or airports are turned into “smart buildings”, their safety, comfort and efficiency greatly improve. This benefits not only owners and operators, but also and especially their users. In this interview, Habib Modabber, Director of Business Development at Bosch Sicherheitssysteme, explains the advantages of “digital twins”.

Mordern office in a smart Building

How modern building technology promotes New Work

New forms of collaboration put people and their needs at center stage. Smart building technology plays a major role in New Work concepts: It can not only make the workplace more comfortable, but also more energy-efficient and thus more sustainable.

90 percent

of our time is spent in buildings. Bosch makes them safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

Learn more about how we partner with our customers

The Spiral in New York

The Spiral, New York

Office buildings

A smart, green ´Skyline -Changer´ that offers an enviable quality of life: Bosch subsidiary Climatec equipped the new skyscraper in New York with a high-end building automation system.

Airport Schiphol in Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam


With various projects such as the installation of a state-of-the-art control room and the Co-development of a customized video management system, Bosch is supporting Schiphol Airport in its goal of becoming an "autonomous airport."

BABOR GmbH & Co. KG has its new headquarters, known as “The Curve” equipped with a fully connected overall solution from Bosch.

BABOR GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen


Babor has high standards. For its new headquarters "The Curve", the company trusts in a connected and integrated overall solution from Bosch

Climatec, a subsidiary of Bosch, implemented a comprehensive building automation solution for the new stadium that interconnects many individual components and the unique heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ( HVAC) system.

Globe Life Field Stadium, Arlington, TX


The Texas Rangers Globe Life Field Stadium is being converted into an entertainment center with a comprehensive building automation solution by our subsidiary Climatec.

The building automation of the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall was provided by GFR Gesellschaft für Regelungstechnik und Energieeinsparung mbH, a subsidiary of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Theaters and concert halls

The building automation solutions of our recently acquired subsidiary GFR ensure comfort and energy efficiency in the entire building complex.

As one of the most popular airports in the world, Changi Airport in Singapore regularly tops passenger surveys. Bosch has helped the airport maintain its excellent reputation; this is where its team in Singapore implemented its biggest public address system to date.

Changi Airport, Singapore


Our expert team in Singapore has combined security technology and public address systems in a way that disasters such as fires can be detected quickly and people can be evacuated promptly.

Which solutions show the most sustainable effects?

Our building experts help to intelligently connect the relevant components to make your building smart.

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Smart Services

They are particularly safe, comfortable, efficient and above all intelligent:

Smart Buildings are perfectly tailored to people's needs and support us in our living and working environments.

The connected buildings communicate with the users, facility management and the building's owner. They understand their environment, interact, learn and adapt.

How can we support you?

Our customers trust in Bosch as a partner for smart building solutions. They appreciate our long-term experience as a system integrator and value our expertise in building security, building automation and energy services.

We will gladly accompany you on the way to your Smart Building!