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Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Global

Intelligent building technologies for public and commercial spaces

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Together with you we redesign the relationship between people and buildings. Buildings today don’t only provide a safe, functional place for people to live and work. They can also cater for – and even respond to – their needs, while helping them work more efficiently and sustainably. The Internet of things (IoT) and sensor-driven technologies play a vital role in this.

As part of Bosch Building Technologies we are at the forefront of these new developments. With innovative solutions and services in everything from access to fire prevention and public announcement to intelligent video security, we are helping redefine people’s relationships with the buildings they spend their time in.

Thomas Quante, CEO of Bosch Building Technologies

We want to be your first choice for technologies and services that make buildings safer, more comfortable and efficient.

Thomas Quante, CEO of Bosch Building Technologies

Performance built on Partnership: Our brands

Besides Bosch Energy and Building Solutions our business encompasses several companies and brands which are addressing individual market requirements. Their tailor-made solutions and services are all also "Invented for life".

What's in for you?


Benefit from advanced building technologies that can forecast people’s needs and challenges, so as to deliver the exact services they require.


Contribute to a better world and save costs. Use and manage spaces more efficiently to lower the carbon footprint while extending their flexibility and lifetime.


Shape the future! Be inspired to develop value-adding ideas for your current or new business through the insightful use of data and the Internet of Things.


Our promises

As part of the Bosch Group we are commited to these core values.


Our customers trust us to deliver innovative energy and building solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and provide peace of mind.


Effective collaboration and ease of doing business are fundamentals for us as a locally empowered partner that sees eye to eye with its customers.


By taking responsibility for the protection of people, assets, and the environment, we help our customers achieve a positive impact in their businesses and communities.

Fascinating solutions

We fascinate our customers through higher facility efficiency and simple integration, operation and maintenance.

Building the positive: woman looking against the sun in a city by the river

Together for Green Buildings

We at Bosch strive to make a positive impact – on the users of our building solutions and the world we all live in. Together we can conserve valuable resources, increase long-term energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprints and promote the well-being and satisfaction of people. You can call it sustainability. We call it: Building the positive. Find out how our smart solutions and customized services are promoting sustainable buildings, climate neutrality, and environmental awareness.

Out team makes the difference

Our team makes the difference

One hundred percent customer focus, passion, commitment, and expertise are just a few keywords that describe how we work every day. Get to know some of the more than 6,000 people who, every day, are full of commitment and expertise to ensure that the best building solutions can be implemented for Bosch customers.

Cover and online versions of SOLUTIONS Magazine 2023

SOLUTIONS Magazine 2023

Explore our magazine about safety, comfort and efficiency in commercial buildings

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We are Bosch

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. Its special ownership structure guarantees its entrepreneurial freedom, making it possible to plan over the long term. At Bosch we improve quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and spark enthusiasm, in short: “Invented for life.”

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100 Years Bosch Building Technologies

In 2020 we celebrated our 100th anniversary.

More than 60 regional offices and 6,000 associates worldwide. Find our experts near you.

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