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Dynamo Youth Center, Eindhoven

Fire safety in the entertainment industry

The Dynamo Youth Center in the Dutch city of Eindhoven is a popular venue that accommodates a large number of people. Optimal fire protection is essential to their safety.

Specific demands of event locations

Rock band on stage in Dynamo youth center Eindhoven, audience
Dynamo in Eindhoven is a youth center, music venue, school and workshop all in one – a place where young talents can learn their craft.

The managers of Dynamo were on the lookout for a fire safety solution that met the specific demands of the location while ensuring safety at a variety of events – for instance, concerts or performances in which fog machines or pyrotechnics are used. “Bosch developed a fire safety solution that was tailor-made to our specific needs and wishes,” says Dries Noppe, facility manager at Dynamo. The certified fire alarm system with its extensive monitoring functions also meets the requirements of the fire department as well as the municipal offices responsible for the venue.

Evacuation system for soundproofed rooms

One challenge was to find a suitable solution for rapid detection of fire and smoke in the roughly 16-meter-high atrium of the youth center, so Bosch installed special optical smoke alarms that can be stationed high up on a structure and monitor an extensive area using an invisible infrared beam.

To allow drumming courses to be held at Dynamo without the noise being heard throughout the entire building, Dynamo has been equipped with soundproofed rooms. Bosch therefore implemented an evacuation system that uses both acoustic and visual signals throughout the complex to make sure that participants in the courses are able to hear and see the evacuation signal in the event of a fire – something that helps employees and visitors alike feel safe.

Dynamo Youth Center Eindhoven, exterior view of the building
A variety of activities that appeal to a wide audience are held in the complex, including dance, music and new media.

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