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A networked solution ensures a high level of safety by detecting fires early

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To protect employees, production and machines from fires, the Bosch experts implemented an innovative solution with video-based fire detection AVIOTEC for the manufacturing company.


Fast and reliable fire detection through innovative camera technology


Networked solution that also impresses in economic aspects

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Consulting, planning and implementation from a single source

In large factory halls used for metalworking operations, conventional fire alarm systems are often not enough to protect buildings, employees and equipment. In many cases, high ceilings, greater fire hazards and interference from reflected light characterize these halls. The company of MKM Mansfelder Kupfer und Messing GmbH (MKM) faced exactly this challenge. MKM is a leading manufacturer of copper and copper-alloy precursor and semifinished products. The company wanted to achieve better protection from fire hazards in two of the halls at its Hettstedt site in Saxony-Anhalt, a state in the eastern part of Germany.


This innovative technology also excels in terms of costs and efficiency. Bosch experts planned and configured the solution for MKM and then took care of integrating it into the existing fire detection system and connecting it to the monitoring centre of the plant fire brigade. If a possible fire is detected in either of the two halls, it sends signals to the central fire detection system and also directly to the fire brigade. The firefighters can then check the video monitor and take targeted, appropriate action to extinguish the fire before it can spread.

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