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Sustainability and efficiency

How can buildings and other infrastructure be operated cost-effectively while reducing emissions? What are the steps for achieving carbon neutrality? And what roles are played by digitalization and artificial intelligence in these contexts? Here you can explore many innovative approaches that have proved their effectiveness in actual practice.

Margarete Gödel, Gesellschafterin der CEMO GmbH, auf dem Firmengelände in Weinheim

“My advice to other entrepreneurs: give priority to this topic!”

With support from Bosch Climate Solutions, the family-owned company of CEMO has embarked on the path of producing sustainably and offsetting excessive emissions. In this interview, shareholder Margarete Gödel gives personal insights on challenges involved.

Pupils hold up a globe

Optimization of an Entire School District

Climatec, a Bosch company, implements an energy efficiency program for the Rowland School district. Over a period of 30 years, this program will save the school district around 47 million U.S. dollars.

Martin Hartmann and two employees of Allgäu Käse eG in front of the control cabinet

Allgäu cheese now even more sustainable

The dairy operated by the Allgäu Milch Käse eG cooperative is heading into an energy-efficient future with a building automation solution from Bosch subsidiary Hörburger GmbH.

Modern building with greenery, exterior view, frog perspective

“We have to get moving”

Which laws, requirements, and regulations on sustainability are now relevant to building managers? Christian Meysenburg, professor of real estate and facility management at SRH University Heidelberg, provides an overview.

Central building Leuphana Lüneburg, Germany, exterior view

Building automation at Leuphana

Sustainability is a living principle for the University of Lüneburg. In the futuristic central building, a Bosch solution makes an important contribution to efficient operation.

Bosch employee Felix Böttcher and managing director Michael Danner-von Wilpert from Sozialwerk

The 100 percent project

In the German Black Forest, Bosch Energy and Building Solutions supplies the Sozial- werk Am Bruckwald and the adjacent neigh- borhood with local heat from renewable energies.

building headquarters REWE, Krutzler

“Comparability is the Key”

A cloud-based platform is used to record and monitor energy consumption data from over
2 000 of the REWE International AG supermarkets. The investments were recouped within a year.

Glass facade building with view in tree crown

Increasing energy efficiency

Hörburger GmbH has been part of Bosch since 2022. Together, we want to shape and expand the rapidly growing market for intelligent building solutions for more efficiency and sustainability.

Students at the UWC Robert Bosch College

A school made for optimists

UWC Robert Bosch College in Freiburg is located in a former Carthusian monastery. Read, how safety and energy systems from Bosch make the heritage-listed former monastery more efficient.

Dr. Marcus Nadenau, Head of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Europe

Growth and innovation

What will the buildings of the future look like? Dr. Marcus Nadenau, Head of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Europe, explains how networked solutions are increasingly changing and improving buildings.

energy management software

Better energy management

Efficiency up, energy consumption down: In China, the Bosch plant in Qingdao uses the Energy Platform for energy management - and thus contributes to climate protection.

exterior view of H7 Münster Germany

H7 – made of sterner stuff

With its wood and its sensors, H7 Munster gives us a vision of true sustainability. It succeeds in doing so not only because the building was designed and built to be energy efficient, but because it was also designed for sustainable operation.

Sustainable cities: Ontario is the new must-see

Sustainable cities: Ontario is a must-see

Thanks to smart technology and building automation, Ontario has slashed greenhouse-gas emissions by 10,000 tons a year. We take you on a tour of the smart city’s hot spots.

Lisa Reehten and Philipp Günther next to Bosch CO<sub>2</sub>-neutral logo

A master plan for protecting the climate

Bosch Climate Solutions helps companies around the globe achieve carbon neutrality. In this interview, Lisa Reehten and Philipp Günther explain how companies can succeed in becoming carbon-neutral.

The Robert Bosch hospital - a customer of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Germany | Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Facing challenges and investing in the future

An enormous project was implemented to make the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany fit for the future – and turn the vision of energy-efficient, sustainable building operation into reality.

Building the positive

Working together for green buildings

Find out how our smart solutions and customized services are promoting sustainable buildings, climate neutrality, and environmental awareness.

Bosch Energy and Building Solutions for the Rothaus Brewery

Cheers to wood chips and sustainability

The Rothaus brewery in the Black Forest is using renewable resources from the surrounding region and its own biomass boiler to meet about 70% of its energy requirements.

More transparency for energy data. The Energy Platform of Bosch enables a real-time look inside industrial machinery.

Not a single kilowatt too much

To obtain more transparent data on energy consumption at the Bosch plant in Homburg, Germany, the Energy Platform monitors internal processes. This has made it possible to save millions of euros a year.

As the lead factory for close to two dozen others worldwide, the Bosch facility in Bamberg serves as a model for them in many respects. It also steadily sets new standards. The latest example: energy-efficient production.

Bosch plant: Leading by example

The Bosch facility in Bamberg is the core plant of a network of nearly two dozen facilities worldwide, for which it serves as a model in many respects. The latest example is energy-efficient production.

Bosch associates looking at a machine inside the Hirschvogel plant.

Staying in the lead by saving energy

Industrial production of compressed air is typically a major power guzzler. But it’s possible to greatly improve this situation, as a joint project by Bosch and the Hirschvogel Automotive Group has shown.

More fascinating information to explore and extend

How can commercial buildings be made even safer, more secure, more comfortable, and more efficient? The issues of our SOLUTIONS magazine delve into a wide range of relevant topics illustrated by numerous practical examples. Available for downloading as practical PDF files.

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