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100 Years Bosch Building Technologies

For more than a century Bosch has been striving to meet one of humankind’s fundamental necessities – safety. Today this long-standing commitment is being driven forward under the Bosch Building Technologies name. Yet the goal remains the same: offering the very latest technologies, while setting new standards and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

100 Years Bosch Building Technologies - historical photo

Founding as emergency call center

First fire alarm panel from Bosch
First fire alarm panel from Bosch

It is a long success story: Everything began in 1920 with the foundation of an emergency call center in the German port city of Hamburg. Given the possibility of reporting emergencies, there was an almost tangible overnight improvement in safety from the elementary threat of fire.

The emergency call center was the first of many innovations that Bosch Building Technologies has introduced over the following century. It is not only the fire sector that has continued to develop over the decades. Bosch’s ever-increasing technical innovation drives advances also in further security areas.

Expansion to other security areas

In 2001, the company acquired Detection Systems, a leading U.S. manufacturer of electronic security equipment. The security range offered by Bosch became increasingly comprehensive. From 2002, the security products and services were extended with video technology.

Thanks to the acquisition of Philips Communication Security Imaging, Bosch already had some expertise in video security, high-quality video security cameras, electro acoustic and conferencing systems. The expanded division was renamed Bosch Security Systems.

With the addition of Telex Communications in 2006, Bosch’s communications portfolio was strengthened.

The enlargement of the product offer was developed with Bosch Security Systems offering integrated solutions. These were used, for example, in soccer stadiums during the firstever soccer World Cup to be staged on the African continent, taking place in South Africa in 2010. Bosch supplied not only the audio systems but also video security and fire alarm technology.

A hundred years of growth

Hundred years BT
Hundred years BT
Hundred years BT
Hundred years BT
Hundred years BT

Integration and building solutions

What applies to colossal stadiums can also be integrated into other buildings such as airports, shopping malls and manufacturing sites. With the acquisition of Climatec in 2015, Bosch strengthened its business with customized solutions for building automation, security technology, and energy efficiency. This set a solid foundation going forward, offering tailormade solutions and services on a global scale.

It was therefore only logical that the division was renamed Bosch Building Technologies in 2018 – as a result of visionary decisions, pioneering inventions, and up-to-date intelligent networking.

A key fundamental success factor of this Bosch division is based on the best possible interaction of integrated solutions.The concept of implementing these solutions together with powerful, reliable partners is as important as Bosch’s own innovations. This is teamwork in the best sense of the word – and is becoming increasingly important today as well as in the future.

Copyright © Changi Airport Group
Copyright © Changi Airport Group

Summary and outlook

Looking back over an entire century, the smart development of the business from a relatively humble emergency call center in Hamburg could only lead to what it is today – an innovative, successful company with a clear goal: to make the world a little bit safer.

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