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Raphael Vogel

“Making the world a little bit better”

It's all about the people

Raphael Vogel, Project Developer with Bosch's Energy Services

Raphael Vogel is a project developer with Energy Services. He develops solutions that let his customers boost their energy efficiency. It’s a job that keeps him energized every day.

Mr. Vogel, what energizes you day after day?

The chance to help companies spot opportunities to increase their energy efficiency and implement appropriate measures. I get an incredible buzz from working closely with a customer to develop tailored solutions that really convince them. At the end of the day, I’m also helping to make the world a little bit better and protect the planet’s climate.

Raphael Vogel, Project Developer with Energy Services

The increased networking opens up new possibilities.

Raphael Vogel, Project Developer with Energy Services

How exactly do you make your customers happy?

By competently helping them meet their challenges and achieve their goals. Like with exciting solutions that contribute to saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Right now you’re working on a solution of this kind for the Robert Bosch Hospital. What have you enjoyed the most about this project?

This project is very exciting and complex too, because so many different professions and skills are involved. This level of complexity is challenging, but also a lot of fun. Our collaboration with the hospital’s on-site team is also outstanding.

What benefits do you see as a result of increased networking?

Definitely in networked energy management, since it permits fast and continuous monitoring of energy and resource consumption. This quickly reveals opportunities to save energy. Plus, the many different professions and technical systems involved are being increasingly integrated. This opens up new possibilities for optimizing the operation of building systems to meet changing requirements.