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Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Global
February 2022

Acquisition completed – Hörburger AG is now part of the Bosch group

HQ of building automation specialist Hoerburger AG

Grasbrunn, Germany – On 28 February 2022 Bosch Building Technologies officially completed the acquisition of Hoerburger AG, headquartered in Waltenhofen, Bavaria, Germany. Bosch and the owners of Hoerburger AG signed corresponding agreements at the end of 2021. Hoerburger offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions focusing on building automation and energy management. The company has 45 years of experience in planning and implementing projects and providing services in this area. A major focus of its activities is the efficient and sustainable operation of buildings. The solutions are used in numerous sectors, for example in large industrial companies, healthcare facilities, and retail chains. Hoerburger has more than 200 employees at six locations in Germany and one location in Romania and generated sales of 33 million euros in 2020.

Designing intelligent building solutions as a team

“We are very much looking forward to working with Hoerburger’s highly experienced employees to jointly shape and expand the fast growing market for smart building solutions in the future,” said Thomas Quante, president of Bosch Building Technologies. “Digitalization, connectivity, and artificial intelligence are opening up ever more opportunities for us to transform commercial buildings into smart living and working environments that provide people with increased security, safety, and comfort, and ensure greater sustainability. Hoerburger’s many years of experience will further strengthen our current portfolio in the areas of building security, safety, energy services, and building automation,” Quante continues.

“We are very excited to become part of the Bosch family. We will leverage our know-how to further expand Bosch’s already strong position as an integrated partner for connected building solutions with future-oriented solutions and services,” said Christian Hoerburger, CEO of Hoerburger AG.