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At Bosch Energy and Building Solutions in the Netherlands, the focus has been directed at building safety solutions. This portfolio is now being successively expanded.

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Tulips, cheese, windmills and bicycles — for most of us, these things are typically Dutch. And yet this nation, despite its small size, is also one of the five largest export nations worldwide, and ist logistical position makes it an attractive location for doing business. The Bosch Group has been active here since 1903, and now maintains 19 locations in the Netherlands, with more than 3,837 associates.

Holistic partner

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Bosch has also been active in the Netherlands in the field of building safety for many years now, regularly providing services for high-end customers. Among other things, our Dutch colleagues have already turned the country’s largest airport, numerous chemical companies, government buildings and the FC Utrecht stadium into much safer places using smart technologies.

Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Netherlands also specializes in public notification systems (OMS). In the event of a fire, these systems ensure that alerts issued by the fire alarm system in a building are relayed to the local fire brigade.

Bosch has a market share of 25 percent in the Netherlands in the field of OMS, which translates to approximately 5,000 users. Our Dutch colleagues have, however, set themselves even higher goals: “We want to continually increase this market share,” says Frank van Olphen, Head of Sales & Marketing in the Netherlands.

Our customers value the fact that we know what they need.

Frank van Olphen, Head of Sales & Marketing in the Netherlands

Since 2016, he and his team have not only been catering to high-end customers, but also a growing number of local small and medium-sized companies. Their new customers include operators of commercial buildings, owners of large private properties, and also hotels and nursing homes.

Don‘t wait — act!

“Our customers value the fact that we know what they need,” says van Olphen in relation to the holistic approach, adding: “They don‘t want to have to spell everything out for us; they want to be surprised.” The different experts working locally have excellent knowledge of their respective industries and their demands, he explains. The advantage is obvious: This allows customers to concentrate on their actual work.

One example is the chemical industry, in which safety plays an even greater role than in many other areas. Strict laws and regulations apply in this industry and must be observed without fail. In order not to put business operations at risk, these companies are obliged to obtain the latest safety certificates. As their partner, Bosch ensures that the customers don‘t have to think about the certificates, and will always be up-to-date in terms of safety technology.

170 associates

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Van Olphen and his team are already thinking about the next steps to take: “We want to continue to impress existing and potential customers,” as the Head of Sales & Marketing at Bosch reports. “Our connected and integrated solutions to increase safety in commercial buildings will allow us to satisfy requirements in future as well.”

Bosch is currently positioning itself to ensure it is optimally prepared for new developments. Van Olphen: “The Dutch are demanding. They want a reliable partner who takes care of everything.” It‘s good that the Dutch not only embody the typical entrepreneurial mentality (“Don‘t wait — act”), but also value first-class quality and services.

Entrepreneurial quality coupled with first-class quality and service.

In short:

Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Netherlands delivers innovative solutions from one source, and will remain, in the future, a reliable partner for companies from all different industries.

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