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Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Global

People and partnerships

In order to create building solutions that improve people’s lives, there’s a need for specialists who devote themselves to their tasks with enthusiasm and competence. Get to know members of the Bosch team who partner closely with customers and other companies to drive visionary projects forward.

Matthias Hildebrandt, Shift Manager at Bosch emergency call and service control center Magdeburg, Germany, portrait

“Always ready to ensure safety and security”

Together with his team at Bosch emergency call and service control center Magdeburg, Germany, Matthias Hildebrandt ensures fast, appropriate responses to critical situations. Customers can count on reliability and safety at any time.

Oliver Winter, head of service and portfolio management in the security division at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions

Mission possible: progress driven by a change of perspective

Oliver Winter and his team develop solutions and services for the building security of tomorrow. Progress and innovation do not necessarily require everything to be redone, but rather rethought so that the solutions are optimally tailored to the customer's needs.

Michelle Luppino, Sales Manager at Climatec, outside the office building in Anaheim, USA

“I can contribute to people’s well-being and protect the climate”

Sales Manager Michelle Luppino advises customers of Climatec, a Bosch company in the USA on how to operate their buildings more sustainably – with the nice side effect that people simply feel more comfortable there.

Marco Krause

“I help the customer to protect the environment”

As project manager for building automation at Bosch, Marco Krause ensures that his customers optimize consumption, automate systems, and create a pleasant indoor climate.

Bosch associate David Ziegler with an Electro-Voice loudspeaker

“You hear what you do”

David Ziegler's passion is acoustics, in his private life as well as in his job. In order to bring this important component into the field of building security as well, he develops sophisticated, individual as well as innovative public address and voice alarm concepts for Bosch customers.

Bosch associate Kajetan Fritz at his workplace with PC and notebooks

“From nothing to an innovative solution”

As a software architect, Kajetan Fritz supports customers in planning and integrating cloud solutions or database management systems that make building operations more efficient.

Bosch associate Bernhard Gijzen sitting cross-legged in front of the Bosch logo at the Nieuwegein location.

“Topnotch technology and smart solutions”

Bernard Gijzen, a solutions engineer at the Dutch branch of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions, helps to give customers security and guiding them through change processes with intelligent solutions.

Bosch associate Björn Kockrick in front of video wall with security plans

“I closely work with customers”

Sales Manager Björn Kockrick plans complex security technologies. His particular strength: showing what is technically possible, making the digital world understandable and identifying added value.

Bosch employee Sabrina Ruis during planning work in her office.

“Clients want carbon neutrality”

Sabrina Ruis is an HVAC technician and knows that energy efficiency starts with planning. This is how she supports Bosch customers on their individual path to greater sustainability and climate protection.

Marius Kaiser sits on a staircase in the Service & Supply Chain Campus building in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Germany.

“We deliver future-proof solutions”

Marius Kaiser is always a few steps ahead in terms of thinking. As overall project manager for complex construction projects, he ensures that visions of the future become reality.

Bosch associates Michel Huger (left) and Roland Simion on the terrace at the Fellhornbahn Oberstdorf mountain station.

A dynamic duo that ensures safety

Safety and security expert Michel Huger and service technician Roland Simion work in tandem to serve Bosch customers in Germany’s Allgäu region. For one of their customers, the Fellhornbahn, they’re heading skyward.

Mosaic image consisting of the heads of many employees

Our team makes the difference

Get acquainted with some of more than 6,000 people who work for Bosch customers day in and day out with tremendous commitment and formidable technical skills and expertise to implement the best possible building solutions.

Portrait of Uwe Rotermund

“No sustainability without automation”

Prof. Uwe Rotermund, who teaches at the Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany, has been studying building automation for 35 years. He’s convinced that it’s the key to sustainable building operation.

Service technician Kevin Wilhelm Bosch with his Bosch company car

Support, security, and small talk

Service technician Kevin Wilhelm, specialized in security technology, strives to understand his customers. He ensures their long-term satisfaction with a great deal of technical expertise and a human touch.

City scene with double-exposed numbers

Awakening buildings to intelligent life

New IoT services are a must for propelling existing commercial buildings forward into the digital age. Andreas Mauer, CTO at Bosch, has clear ideas of what is required to provide building intelligence as a service.

Tim Kosok advises companies across a wide range of industries, devising convincing building solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs.

We feel like it’s all about people

Tim Kosok has been working as a system consultant for nearly 15 years. He advises companies across a wide range of industries, devising convincing building solutions tailored to their needs.

Robert Rett sets fire to the fire lab

Mr. Rett lights fires for you

Fire detectors protect lives and property and must therefore be 100% reliable. Robert Rett, who heads the Bosch fire lab in Munich, therefore works systematically to ensure this, day after day.

Turning ideas into Connected Buildings

“You get to know your building much better”

Habib Modabber, the Director of Business Development at Bosch Building Technologies, knows exactly which benefits result from using digital building twins to plan and develop Smart Buildings.

Kang Chee Kian, Asia-Pacific Business Unit Director of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions

Our team has the solution

Kang Chee Kian, Vice President of the business unit Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Asia-Pacific, talks about similarities between regions, commonalities and challenges.

More fascinating information to explore and extend

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