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Digitalization and automation

IoT, connectivity, and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming buildings into intelligent worlds for living and working in. But how do you upgrade an existing building to a digital one? And which technologies and solutions are available to support this metamorphosis? We invite you to come with us into the fascinating universe of digital transformation and see how connected approaches and new services can also revolutionize your buildings.

Bosch Corporate Research, Renningen

“Foundation models let us use AI in unprecedented ways”

“Currently we’re experiencing a revolution in AI. Enormous data volumes are used to train networks for different applications. In the case of buildings – no two of which are identical – this opens up a new realm of scalability without the need to separately train AI for each and every one.”

Facility management

How intelligent solutions support facility management

Optimal support: Learn about important new trends in modern facility management with intelligent solutions and new services for building systems – and how they can take building operations to the next level.

View over the switch cabinet production at Bosch in Verl

Core components that bring buildings to life

Building automation is the brain of a building. Switch cabinets are hugely important in this respect, but are barely visible. A visit to production manager Dirk Späte provides insights into modern switch cabinet construction.

Bosch Smart Campus Bangalore

Best practice: the Spark.NXT smart campus

Building automation and management pave the way for improved comfort and more efficient operations. Bosch is leading the way with its smart campus in Bangalore.

Modern office building, night shot, exterior view

New platform services for the real estate sector

The newly founded Bosch subsidiary Susteco Solutions GmbH offers a wide range of services for the real estate sector with a cloud platform for sustainable asset and portfolio management.

Andreas Mauer, Chief Architect at Bosch Building Technologies

Artificial Intelligence in Building Control

"Where smart technology reaches its limits due to the prevailing complexity, the use of AI becomes interesting," knows Andreas Mauer, Chief Architect at Bosch Building Technologies. In this interview, he talks about visions for digital buildings and how they can be advanced in practice.

Illustration, people in front of digital and networked buildings

Let's get DIGITAL!

Real estate with a high level of digital technology is fit for all potential challenges of the future, stand on a particularly solid foundation and can be operated smartly and flexibly.

4 pillars for transparent, digital buildings

4 pillars for transparent buildings

What is the digital foundation for a transparent building? It's what's needed to meet challenges like energy costs, reporting requirements, and new work models.

Exterior view of the test tower Rottweil, Germany

Innovations at lofty heights

An automation solution from Bosch makes an important contribution to the sustainable and efficient operation of the 246-meter-high test tower in Rottweil, Germany.

Central building Leuphana Lüneburg, Germany, exterior view

Leuphana: Building Automation

Sustainability is a living principle for the University of Lüneburg. In the futuristic central building, a Bosch solution makes an important contribution to efficient operation.

Employee monitors video sequences on multiple monitors

Buildings optimally in view

Video technologies and AI combine to offer exciting insights that can improve a building's operations, comfort, and security. Find out which technologies are used for this and what benefits they offer.

Group of colleagues in an office building with large glass surfaces, digital screens

When silent buildings learn to speak

Digital transformation is making rapid progress in the building industry. While AI and IoT solutions are being incorporated into new buildings, existing buildings also need to be made smart.

Bosch’s chief digital officer, Tanja Rückert, at the kickoff of the Bosch ConnectedExperience event in Berlin.

2022 Building Hackathon

During the 2022 Building Hackathon, about 150 developers spent more than 30 hours working on solutions to make commercial buildings more sustainable, safe, efficient and comfortable.

exterior view of H7 Münster Germany

H7 – made of sterner stuff

H7 Munster gives us a vision of true sustainability. It succeeds in doing so not only because the building was designed and built to be energy efficient, but because it was also designed for sustainable operation.

Stadt mit vernetzten Gebäude von Bosch

The history of building automation

Milestones from 1600 to tomorrow: Neither smart homes nor automation of commercial buildings would have become what they are today if clever minds in the past hadn’t peered into the future.

Dr Martina Gerdes-Kühn in a lecture hall at the University of Paderborn

Intelligent buildings for smart people

The University of Paderborn in Germany is using building automation systems to ensure greater sustainability and comfort. Campus manager Dr. Martina Gerdes-Kühn gives insights.

Digital building twins

Benefit from using digital building twins

When technology keeps everything tip-top: a complete digital image of a building’s inner workings is a valuable tool for achieving more transparent and cost-effective operation of buildings.

New York's skyline reflected in the facade of the skyscraper "The Spiral"

A more-than-smart skyline changer

The 65-story Spiral in midtown Manhattan is a prime example of modern building planning and operation. The convincing results: greener, more intelligent, and brimming with quality of life.

Two people in a healthy building

Not just smart but healthy, too

The right combination of technical building systems, architecture, and construction materials enhances people’s health and wellbeing inside buildings. Which factors play a role?

Kulturpalast Dresden - a customer of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Germany | Bosch Security Systems GmbH

A heritage-protected building goes digital

A standing ovation for the concert hall of the Dresden Kulturpalast, where an intelligently connected solution now interconnects systems to ensure greater safety and security.

Woman stands in front of smart buildings

How do buildings acquire smarts?

Smart Buildings are wonders of efficiency, black belts in terms of sustainability, and powerful magnets for attracting people. But how do you take a existing buildings step by step into a digital future?

Aerial view of Schiphol Airport

Partners flying at the same altitude

Schiphol near Amsterdam wants to evolve into an autonomous airport. Bosch has been working with it for more than 10 years as a special technology partner with 50 employees directly on the spot.

Man walking down the stairs in an open office space

Buildings as personal assistants

In the megatrend known as “New Work”, everything revolves around people and their individual needs. Also in this context, an intelligently automated building can perform completely new tasks.

The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg - a customer of GFR, a subsidiary of Bosch Building Technologies

Ideal indoor climate & great sound

The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg is a spectacular building. To make it excel both inside and out, it was equipped with a complex automation solution that improves the acoustics and much more.

Old fire alarm versus modern smartphone app for building security

Visionary ideas become reality

Back to the future: take a look at major milestones of the approximately 100-year history of building automation and learn how visions can become reality within just a few decades.

Climatec, a subsidiary of Bosch, implemented a comprehensive, energy-efficient building automation solution for the new stadium that interconnects many individual components and the unique heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ( HVAC) system.

Home run for the Rangers

The Globe Life Field Stadium scores with a connected solution for building automation that enables highly efficient building management and operation.

Desert Diamond Casinos and Entertainment

Good technology is a great bet

Three casinos in different cities in the U.S. are controlled by a centralized building automation solution that simplifies the management of critical components.

More fascinating information to explore and extend

How can commercial buildings be made even safer, more secure, more comfortable, and more efficient? The issues of our SOLUTIONS magazine delve into a wide range of relevant topics illustrated by numerous practical examples. Available for downloading as practical PDF files.

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